How To Write Super Fast Blog Posts

Here are some great tips for writing articles for your blog or website when you are in a hurry.

Every blog owners loves to write that well researched and thought out post that took 4 hours to write. But the truth of the matter is you don’t always have that much time to write. Sometimes you are only given a few minutes to make a blog post. So how do you do that without writing absolute junk? After all, your readers don’t come to your site to read a bunch of garbage. They want useful content that will help them solve a problem.

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Think about it like this. If you can write as fast as you speak it will be a piece of cake to whip out a 500 word post in a matter of minutes. The trouble is with putting your thoughts into coherent sub points to give your article some structure and movement. The point? You don’t want the article that you wrote in 5 minutes to look like it only took you 5 minutes to write it.

Here are some steps I take to write blog posts on the fly:

  1. Start with an idea you can’t shake. There is nothing worse than writing about a topic you couldn’t care less about. It will always show in your post. So why not write about an issue that you just can’t shake loose from your mind? Your passion will come through, and it will be much easier to pour out your thoughts.
  2. Write down or type out a list of thoughts about that topic. You can start with some research or you can just jot down some sub points and main thoughts. I usually like to have at least 3 points and not going beyond 5 if I am trying to write this post quickly. Keep each point unique from the rest and try not to blend them together.
  3. Start with point one and write about the most important factors to realize about it. Each of these points only needs to be about 150 words long. Go through the questions who, why, what, where and how to get the ball rolling.
  4. After going through the main points write your summary. You should always end with some sort of summary about what you just said.
  5. Then you can write your introduction to the article. An introduction simply states what you are about to state and why it is important. Simple, right?

It may take some time to get the whole process down pat, but with practice you can really start cranking out articles left and right that are full of entertaining and insightful content. Just because you don’t have 4 hours to write an article doesn’t mean you have to let your blog collect dust. Pick out a topic you are passionate about and get those main points out. In no time you will have something show to your readers.

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