Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Designing Your Web-Copy

You might have the most competent writer, but that doesn’t ensure a web copy that works. Read on to know what are the most common and worst mistakes made by web copy writers.

To be able to write is a blessing. Go as per definition and you’ll find that ‘Writing’ is the representation of language; a mode of communication through alphabets, signs or symbols which was devised chiefly to transmit, preserve or record activities. Today, writing is sales. It is the freedom of speech; it is mightier than the sword and a tool for revolution and revelation. Today writing is expression, identity and reputation.

Search and amongst 100 you’ll find only a handful who can write. To be precise, you’ll find only a handful who can express their thoughts through alphabets. And amongst those select few will you find a couple who can successfully turn your website into your sales machine. They are the web-copy writers, armed and trained for reaching out to a global database bringing your target audience to your website.

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But wait, in spite of possessing the skills to express, are they not being able to deliver the goods? Is your website falling behind in reaching to your potential audience and you don’t know why? The belief that only good command over English is all it needs to be a good web copywriter is but a fallacy. Your website might be suffering from the worst mistakes that one can make while designing one’s web copy! Get diagnosis and a cure.

Here are the few criminal mistakes that one can do while writing copy for the web. Take a look.

1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

The mother of all webcopy writing mistakes- without the knowledge of your target audience your copy is just another futile effort. And like the adage goes, be English to an Englishman, French to a French, your copywriting should be designed around your target audience for them to be able to connect to you. The lingo is important. 

2. Not Knowing Your Product/Service

A good salesperson is the one who knows his product through and through. Like it or not, the sole purpose of your webcopy is to sell. It’s necessary for one to give a detailed information about the service and the product offered by the company, its advantages over others and how can it benefit the users,  for the audience to know, understand, decide and buy.

3. Gaga About The Company And Not About The Visitors

Your site visitors would hardly acknowledge or need to know when you were formed and how good you are at a certain service. They want to hear how well you can understand their problem and connect to them. Identify their problems and speak about how your services can cater to them.

4. Highlighting Features And Not End Results

Highlighting features and not the deliverable is where a copywriter often makes a mistake. Although it’s good to highlight features, what your customer really cares about is the end result or the benefits of the product or service. They don’t want to know how your microwave infuses superior technology in the heating. They want to know, how fast they can cook in it and its cooking options for a beautiful decadent cake maybe. 

5. Medium Neglect

Just as a sales letter cannot be a press release, similarly a landing page webcopy cannot be in the service page. To render your copy engaging and sellable, your webcopy should be relevant to the sections of a website and with a proper flow of content to engage a sinuous traffic that stays. Medium neglect can be one of the major flaws while designing your webcopy.

Take a better aim at your target audience. Engage your users and turn them into your repeat customers. Keep the five not to make worst mistakes while designing your webcopy in mind and you’re sure to hit some boom in your business.

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