Why Should You Get Social Media Plugins For Your Website?

Anything that comes “Free” always attracts us. Moreover, if it substantially values you, there is nothing greater than this. The same thing applies for those who have at least a business site, a blog, an e-commerce site or channel of sites in WordPress platform.

Social media plugins for WordPress websites comes free to you. It is handy, energy-efficient and can easily market your online presence in various social communities, exclusively at no costs.

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Being Social Means Being Cost-Efficient

Yes, marketing at no cost, no extra effort, no time spent, no hurdles, no objections. You can simply download some wonderful social media plugins, edit them and add your own functionality in it. Next time for any new posts or messages to share you can simply click on the buttons and get your job done. Thus you can share your site information, news, messages, blog posts, photos, and links among people in your social network. Installing plugins is therefore the first step towards going social.

If you are still acting ignorant or fear of exploring the opportunities, you will miss the train for sure. After all, who on this earth don’t want publicity for free?

Still Dwelling In A Fix? If you are thinking how social media plugins help you in reality or what are the exact processes you might go through, here is a helpline for you.

Following Points Will Prove How Worthy Using These Social Media Tools Are

Social Profiles Are Appearing On SERPs

Google has already started integrating social profiles in search results. Google pulls information from social sites like YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, blogger, Linked IN, Facebook and displays them in as relevant information for readers. Organic SEO is much dependent on inclusions of these social results. Major search engines are following social networks now onwards. If you can connect with Google properties like Google profile, social search, Google buzz, Google Me, You Tube etc. it is an addition to your brand value.

Search Engines Need Your Help

A well-written blog serves nothing if you can not educate your prospects about it. A website or a blog can serve multiple purposes to your readers other than educating them. Each time you write a post, it has its own title, tags and addresses. Search engines crawls new content as their routine job. But, you can make the process faster by notifying Google about your updates. Google crawl faster if you send your post to twitter or share it through Facebook pages. More you are active in social media websites, more people and search engines bots will be driven to your website. By sending your content to bookmarking sites or by syndicating an article (with link to your site) to article directories you can make search engine’s work bit easier.

Creating Eyeballs Does Matter

It is always good if your post is automatically linked to your Linked-In profile, Facebook Fan Page in no time. You can show the new content to your friends and bring them on your website or blog. Make your readers laugh, make them think, make them mad and let them do as much as they can with your posts. If you are proactive, outrageous these social plugins are great tools to use. This boosts your confidence of maintaining a website or blog. It helps a lot to be practical.

The above mentioned points ensure that you can’t avoid using social media plugins to your website or blog.

Why Social Media Plugins Are So Much In Popularity?

A. You name one feature; you will get ten within one. Word Press plugins are so extensive, expressive and feature-rich. Ask anyone, they would come up with at least 5 top plugin names.

B. Social plugins are easy to identify, remember and has good brand visibility. You will find most of your competitors have one or two already installed.

C. Most of the Word Press plugins are easily customizable and free. You get to edit them as required with CSS tool kits, settings change and every alternative one can think of. Each plugin has its own stylish icons, buttons which gives your blog a pretty cool look.

Hence, if you have rightly understood the importance of having one for your site, know how to get it for free.

How To Install Free WordPress Plugins?

First, know some of the top social media plugins – Share and follow, Sexy Bookmarks, Sociable, Add To Any, I love social bookmarking, Follow me, Share This, twitter Tools etc. You can simply log in to your WordPress site or blog; go to plug in section; click on Add New; Search for “Social “from available plugins; choose anyone by ratings, popularity; install the plug in and activate it; check the changes on your site. It is pretty easy and requires only a minute to complete the process.

All in all, your website/blog needs social connectivity and you must be ready with appropriate plugins to support it.

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