What to Consider Before Approaching a Web Designer

Creating a new website can be a fun and exciting prospect. As with many big, creative, collaborative projects, however, it can quickly turn from a dream challenge into a nightmare. Since the average person is not equipped to design and launch a website him or herself, web designers have come onto the scene.

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If looking into hiring one on, however, it’s important to consider some important factors before even approaching prospective web designers. Remember that not only the look but the success of a website can depend greatly on the vision, talent and professionalism of the web designer, so it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Before beginning the search for a web designer, it’s important to be prepared.


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Before approaching a web designer, it’s imperative to have a basic idea of what kind of website he or she will need to design. A great place to start is by brainstorming and sketching out on paper some ideas, however involved or basic they may be. Visiting other websites online and making note of them can be a great help as well. Think about why they are appealing, and what design aspects have been included to really make them stand out from the crowd. With even a quick consultation a web designer can help sort out which aspects of the draft are realistic, and which are over the top.


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While the web designer will be able to help with many aspects of the website like design and positioning, the actual content must come from the source. Whether looking to include information about a business, idea, or any other type of information, the web designer will not be responsible for creating that content. Gather together any content that will be included before approaching a web designer so he or she has an idea of how to structure the final product of the website. If the writing and presentation of the information needs improvement, the web designer may be able to recommend an outside party such as a professional marketing or writing service to get the job done. Along these lines, come up with some ideas for a catchy and keyword-friendly URL before approaching a web designer.



The final element to pull together before approaching a web designer will be preparing a budget. Choose a realistic amount, and leave some leeway in case it goes over. Keep in mind that the more complex and involved the website gets, the higher the price will rise. Incidentally, the more ‘budgeted’ the website, the less effective it will be, meaning that setting the bar low can result in a website that does more harm to a company, cause or individual’s image than good. The most important things to look for in a web designer are a strong portfolio, proven success, and a local location. Without face to face interaction, it can be impossible to convey the desired function and aesthetic of a website. Consider carefully exactly how the website will be used and by whom, and what the potential benefits of a great site will be, then set a price point accordingly.

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