Four Ways To Improve Email Newsletters

Most local business owners know is that the edge they have over big companies is their ability to interact with the customers. There are a number of ways to interact with customers and one of the most used methods is using email newsletters.

E-newsletters are often associated with direct selling of products but there are other reasons for sending existing and would-be customers newsletters. By using email newsletters to establish your brand and make your business seem more human and relatable is the best way to beat out those big corporations.

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1. Show off Your Laurels

Customers will feel more confident about purchasing from your store when they know that other people are doing so too. One easy way to get customers into the bandwagon is by stating who else loves your products. Businesses can include in their newsletters an award which they have recently received. Or probably a local newspaper has just published an article featuring the store. These laurels will only do a disservice to the business if customers do not know about their existence.

2. Talk About Organizations That You Support

Especially if you are a local business, customers love stores that take the time to give back to the community that supports their products. In order to build your small business’ image as caring and socially responsive, talk about the organizations or charities that you donate. You can devote an entire section to of your e-newsletter to that local little league baseball team which you sponsor and how the little tykes played their heart out during their latest game. You may also solicit donations in behalf of the organization that you support through your e-newsletter, although that isn’t necessary. What is necessary though is that you associate your brand with community responsibility and altruism.

3. Brag About Your Suppliers

As a business, your goods are measured by the quality of the goods that are seen on the racks. You can probably include a background story of your suppliers. Maybe they were started by returning war veterans or by a minority group. These human interest stories will give your customers a more personal look into your small business.

4. And Don’t Forget About Your Employees

Customers appreciate businesses which treat their employees as if their family. So write an interesting story about any of your employees. Maybe one of your staff members just completed a marathon or lost a hundred pounds. By writing about your employees, you are letting your customers know that live people are in the core of your business.

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