Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

Behind every successful websites are a group of people working together to ensure that their undertaking has yielded the best possible results. Developing and launching a website is not done by a one-man committee. In fact, the making of a website requires the collective efforts of different team members.

Considering the fact that there are many aspects to be taken care of, a wide variety of skills are needed to create and develop a website. In other words, it is necessary to have a team of professionals, each with a different expertise, to get together and work on developing and launching a website.

A website developing team usually has five important members namely, the strategist, the designer, the developer, the user and the marketer. It is through the collective efforts of these people that a website becomes successful. Each of them has their own responsibility that matches their skills.

The Strategist

strategist Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

For instance, it is the strategist who is responsible for the planning and formulating of a specific scheme or approach prior to the launching of a website. A strategist must be skilled in creating the right message to be able to attract and find prospective audience.

The Website Designer

designer Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

Another vital responsibility that must be fulfilled by one of the team members is the designing of the website. This is very important because the physical appearance of the site can make or break it.

The designer’s primary duty is to ensure that the interface of the website will attract the prospective audience to check out its content. Making sure that the graphics, animations, images and the entire lay-out of the site matches its content is crucial to the success of the website.

The Website Developer

webdevelopment Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

The developer is the one responsible for the installation of the plug-ins, and the necessary tools and widgets. It is his duty to create codes and programs for the optimization of the website. He is also tasked to fix glitches, provide unique features and develop the over-all functionality, performance and usability of the site. Without the developer, the website will be a complete mess.

The User / The Critic

critic Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

The team should also have a member who will test and criticize the entire website. Keep in mind that when developing a site, you are targeting a specific market or audience. Questions such as “Will this website appeal to the target audience?” and “What else can be added to it that will make it better?” should be brought up and answered.

The purpose of the site is to attract and satisfy the users not the developers so it would be good if the whole team could view the website in a different perspective. Looking at it in the users’ point of view will help them find the weak features which will basically result to the improvement of the entire website.

The Marketer

marketer Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

Another important character in the development of a site is the marketer whose duties include the promotion and marketing of the website. The marketer is responsible for the SEO work, the promotion, the linking and the driving of traffic to the site. It is very important for the marketer to make use of the social media and networking sites. This will increase traffic and visibility. Interacting with others is a good way to promote the website.

Take note that it is necessary for the strategist and the marketer to collaborate and talk about their plans as to how they should run the site. They need to have one and the same goal to avoid conflicting ideas and strategies in the promotion of the website.

A Successful Website Is A Result Of Team Work

work together Understanding the Team Behind a Successful Website

The different roles must be fulfilled by the right people in order for the website to be truly successful. They all need to work together because if not, the entire project will just go down the drain.

Think of it this way, the designer will base his designs on the strategy formulated by the strategist. The developer will then do his job accordingly by matching the features and programs with the lay-out and interface done by the designer himself. The marketer must market and promote the site well to ensure its success. If one of them fails to do his or her job well, the website will be a complete waste of time and resources.

As you can see, the making and the launching of a website require a lot of work. Even the most skilled individual will eventually need help from other experts to develop, promote and market his site.

Now you know that a website is not done single-handedly. Like what I said earlier, it is the collective efforts and skills of professionals and computer experts that make the website a successful one.


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