9 Tips for Encouraging Others to Link to Your Blog

You have just started your blog or you are not satisfied with the current visitor stats. You are posting regularly and have a bunch of loyal readers too but still your blog is notable to make a place in top blog list.

There are many factors that increase your site ranking and when other blogs link back to your blog that sends manifold traffic to your site. But what should you do to encourage other sites to choose your blog for linking back. Check out this post to know more.

There are many excellent practices that can bring you the incoming links that you need to get your blog on the Google radar. Capturing incoming links is also known as linkbaiting, and appropriately so; with a little direction and a lot of hard work, you can create a blog that naturally “baits” trackbacks and pingbacks. Here are some specific tips for encouraging others to link to your blog.

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1. Write Content that Will Benefit Others

Some blogs entertain and others inform. No matter what your main objective is, you will attract readers to your blog by giving them helpful tips, tricks, and tools. When you write content that is beneficial to others, they will very often link to it.

2. Post Original Content

The more creative and original you can be, the larger your audience will be. Even if you don’t have any new information, you can spin it in a unique way that will encourage the sharing of your blog.

3. Address an Issue that Already Exists

If you are well informed of current issues in your niche, you will be aware of special concerns or problems. Address this concern, even if you are not an expert about the topic. You can at least begin a conversation about it.

4. Know What Topics are “Hot”

Be on the look out for trendy topics. When you blog about currents affairs and gossip, you will have a willing audience for linkbaiting. If applicable to your niche, keep on the look out for new products being released or for upcoming events that your audience would be interested in knowing. Be the first to blog about such topics and you will get the most trackbacks.

5. Post Interviews

Another topic that your audience is sure to love is an interview. If you can get an interview with a “celebrity” in your niche, you will have a post that others will be clambering to trackback. If you can video the interview, it will be even more popular.

6. Give Away Freebies

Holding contests and giving freebies away is a surefire way to get your blog linked to. Many social networking members love to share hot new deals and contests with their friends. Come up with a clever contest and involve your audience.

7. Understand Your Target Audience

Know that each audience will have different types of interests. Get to know your target audience by checking out other blogs like yours. Keep your audience in mind whenever you are coming up with content for your blog.

8. Respond to Feedback Regularly

As you well know by now, the Internet is meant to be interactive. Make it easy for your audience to give you feedback, and respond often to their feedback. The best way to know what your audience wants to read is to listen to what they are saying.

9. Trackback to Other Blog Posts

Remember to be a part of your online community; when you place others’ links on your site, they are likely to return the favor. You may also want to list the sites that have most in common with your blog and list them in your favorites.

It does take some work to make a blog worth linking to, but it will definitely pay off. Eventually as you make a name for yourself, other bloggers will keep an eye out for every new post you publish. At this point, linkbaiting will be as easy as continuing to write great posts and staying involved in your online community. This is when you can give yourself a big pat on the back for becoming one of the blogging “greats” in your niche!

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