Designers And How They Can Make It Through The Bad Times

The period 2009-10 will always be remembered as a year of despairs and disappointments by many of the working class owing to Shattering of World’s economy. Everything was changed in minutes and everything turned from riches to rags. Many suffered loss in business, some faced decrement in earnings and some lost their jobs. Designer fraternity was also not spared and they too suffered their fair share of setbacks.

Despite the fact that the world’s economy seems to be showing some signs of recovery there are still many fellow designers who are still struggling. If you are one of these designers and finding it tough, then you may very well be wondering whether or not your occupation is going to survive this storm. Here are a few tips that will hopefully make it easier for you to make it through these hard times:
bad times

Look At Every Aspect of Your Occupation and Remove The Deadwood

bad times

You need to remember that if your occupation has any chance of survival you may be required to be a bit ruthless. Any pet projects that are not paying for themselves cannot and should not be protected at a time like this. You need to ensure that all aspects of your occupation are functioning as they should be.

Make Sure All of Your Resources Are Spread Out In An Effective Manner

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Is your occupation getting the most benefit from work that your staff/co-partner is doing? If not then reallocate them. Have you made sure that you have effectively spread the financial resources of the occupation? You really don’t need to be ordering more inventory than you really need at this time. If you must get new equipment for your occupation then you may want to think about leasing instead of buying.

Act In Right Direction

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Concentrate on the parts of your occupation that you do best by outsourcing any aspects that you are struggling with.

Get Most Out Of What You Already Have

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Take advantage of any extra space at your work place by renting it out and making some money from it.

Hiring Freelancers

bad times

Instead of taking on new staff members you might be better off just using freelancers until the economy gets back on its feet. At least with freelancers you won’t have to worry about benefits and you only have to hire them on a project to project basis.

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