Things You Really Shouldn’t Put on CV

Your CV speaks about you much before you are given a Chance to speak to. Thus the Importance of CV can not be sidelined. Your selection for an Interview strongly depends on how Effective and Communicative your CV is.

With hundreds of CV bouncing everyday in Recruiter’s Mail Box, the key to survival is a Perfect CV. Unlike Employment application forms, you have complete control of What you write on your CV, so make most of it. Even if you are shortlisted for an interview, a wrong or misleading statement can kill your chances of getting selected.

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“A Curriculum Vitae includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.”

But there are certain things that No Employer want to see on your Resume:

perfect cv

Too Much Information:

CV is for giving out the information about yourself and tell the world (Read Recruiter) about who you are. But telling about the Bronze medal you won in 5th Grade or the number of trekking events you have participated in, are not significant, if not related to your profile.

Generic Objective:

For God’s sake, please stop using a Generic Objective at the top of your CV. No one is really interested in reading whether or not you want to become successful and Famous in next five years. Unless you have clear Goals and Objectives to share, don’t share.

Exaggeration of Facts:

Don’t exaggerate about your Qualification and Experience unless you can’t handle it. Rounding off the figures is okay, but making 58% as 60% and jumping to First Division is not.

Half Truth:

Either tell the truth or hide it completely. Don’t leave it mid way. If you have mentioned your experience from 2004-05 and then 2006-till date, it triggers the senses of the Recruiter and she can smell something fishy here.

“References Available Upon Request”:

Don’t ever use this term. Either give the references or chose not to write them don’t use this line at all. Recruiters will ask for references if they have policy for it. Once I even got a CV mentioning “God” as his reference.

Irrelevant Job Details:

Don’t write about what you did in your First part time job as a student and also refrain about writing in length about the Jobs not matching to your job profile.

Your Personal Life:

Okay you might have the world’s best wife and God like parents but how does it help you to get a job.


You are a Graphic Designer not a model, so they won’t pick you on the basis of your looks but your talent.

Confidential Information:

Mentioning details like name of the printing vendors of precious company gives a nasty impact that you can’t keep the cat in the bag.

Lack Of Keywords:

We all live the world where SEO rules and keyword stuffing is the key to succeed, then how can we forget this important aspect while making a CV. Use proper keywords relevant to your profile, so that you rank Top in the job search engines.

Reason For Leaving Previous Job/s:

Jobs are left just for two reasons, if the Employer asks you to do so, or you leave it for better opportunities or a fight with Employer. Either way mentioning the details makes you the loser. So let the Recruiter asume it was for “Better Growth Opportunities”


Write about what you CAN do and not about what you CAN”T. Its all about choosing the right words.

Sarcasm And Views:

Refrain yourself from being sarcastic and mentioning about your political and legal views.

keep quiet

These advices can also be implemented during the time of your interview. But for that your CV must be shortlisted. And to make that happen start reviewing your CV again and make it a Flawless piece of writing.

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  • Jan

    I have to disagree with the picture. People also want to know if people match with the company. Sometimes you can see by the picture (metalhead vs hipster) if its a guy you see walking around in your company. If its not taking up half the resume it should be fine to add in a picture .

  • Sophie

    Great advice, thank for the article, I liked it!

  • In your CV you have to make it as your Experience and also your creativity and more…that’s how you make up a good CV.which will help you to make your life more ..

  • The most important thing we should remember while preparing a CV is never use the word “NOT”.

  • Jai

    I agree to no put Too Much Information. Let the interviewer ask further about yourself and know stuff about you. Nice post here!

  • Prabha

    I agree with the point Half Truth. We should either tell the truth completely or hide it completely.

  • Kamal

    very nice and simple tips,i will this tips when i am writing my CV,thanks a lot admin.

  • Have to agree!
    One has to be smart enough to reveal only positive aspects of his personality while also ensuring that there is no beating about the bush.

  • Fantastic, very very creative work. Distinguished by a simple and attractive form. In my opinion simplicity, in this case can be an advantage.