4 Things to Avoid When Creating Banner Ads

This article lists certain common mistakes that people make while designing banners. Of course, living in this virtual age, where Facebook fans decide one’s popularity, it is unlikely that we do not know about the effectiveness of Web banner ads, which happen to be one of the most popular methods of advertising on the internet.

Today, online advertisement serves as a massive source of revenue and why not when it can make a huge difference!

However, before knowing what not to do(with regards to ethics), it is important for an individual to understand what banner advertising is. Web-Banner advertising, as the name suggest, is a form of advertising, which is executed on the web platform. A branch or rather a form of online advertisement that calls for incorporation of graphics and copy on the webpage in a clickable format, web-banners are solely directed towards attracting traffic by linking to the advertisers website.

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Hence, if you are in an online business, you’ll quite be tapped as to how important a banner ad is for your business: your returns depend on its effectiveness; a reason why one should execute it with utmost care and avoid what is unnecessary.

We have 4 absolutely avoidable pointers in our stock that you can keep in mind while making banners! This will not only save your time but also the effort and money!

1. Making Your Banner Look Better Than The Actual Website

Imagine hero worshipping a product only to find that all it has is aesthetics? Now that would be a major disappointment, right? Well, then, imagine how your users might feel when they click on a banner that looks promising and lands on a website that looks 10% more drab than the banner? Result: disappointed users as the banner didn’t live up to their expectations.  

Do not go beyond your way to design a banner that’s superb. Instead make it effective and in sync with your website. This will give better results, guaranteed.

2. A Huge, Flashy, Stand Out Banner Traffic

Like numerous myth about utilizing the white space, there are certain myths about banners too. Truth be told, in a website banner, the size doesn’t matter but the content does. The motto “the bigger, the flashier the better”, is what a lot of entrepreneurs seem to follow. Pardon us for breaking the bubble but an oversized banner will not really call in an oversized traffic. Effectiveness is the keyword and not the size. Moreover some banners tend to distract by use of flash or blinks. Contrary to the effort, this will never bring to your website quality traffic as this will render your banner non-classy and non-reliable. Believe it or not but this is the kind of banner that gets overlooked the most. Keep it simple. Simplicity is an attitude. 

3. Interrupting Banner Modules

Attention seeking is a problem amongst the marketers today, who are constantly on a race for the user’s attention. And in pursuit of the same, they indirectly render the internet a place for bothersome, pushy and unnecessary banner ads. This is probably the reason why so many users today have developed banner blindness, a symptom where users develop blindness towards any banner or banner like information on the web.

4. A Clean, “Web 2.0?” Design

A very common misconception about Web 2.0 is that it is a design trend. In reality Web 2.0 is actually all about content! One can only design the content. Secondly, if the clean, fresh, beautiful banner has little or no catchy copy, that provides little to no information, the chances of it getting recognized is negligible. Although slick animations and graphics might work, (let’s hope the reader’s reflexes listens to your heart) at the end of it all, there wouldn’t be sales; reason why it’s always much better to blend graphics and copy together in a bond. Incorporate copy and don’t give your banners a content-cold-shoulder.  

The online media surely has an edge over classic media; here you can execute and measure your results with precision.

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