The Risks Of Hosting

When you plan to come up with a new website project, first thing you have to decide is your web host. Keeping in mind some major factors like the monitory limitations, general reviews and after sales services, you pick any one.

Whether to go for a dedicated server or to opt for a cheap web host, this decision has to take very carefully. Both have pros and cons and a comparative and analytical study of both is required. If you are more inclined towards an Economical Web hosting consider reading this post first.

Many businesses interested in establishing an internet presence may be tempted by one of the large variety of cheap website hosting options available on the market today. Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls with any cheap hosting provider that can crop up later and seriously damage a business’s reputation and ability to function online. Read on for some of the risks of low cost hosting, and why getting a managed hosting plan from a hosting expert is the safest way to handle your business web presence.

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Fly By Night Hosting Risks

For every legitimate cheap hosting company out there, there are hundreds of lower tier individually run web hosts selling tiny pieces of a reseller’s account to unsuspecting business owners for just about the same price. These sites can appear professional and do a great job of selling customers on why their five to ten dollar a month hosting business is completely legitimate without any plan for what they will do if unable to pay bills or continue hosting in an emergency. Fly by night low tier reseller hosting accounts are notorious for disappearing without any warning at all and taking a customer’s entire website with them.

Unexpected Limits

Many low cost hosting options don’t have an option for purchasing a larger transfer allotment if your business draws a large number of visitors due to an advertising campaign, popular article, or download option. Because inexpensive hosting plans share server space with many other websites, the hosting provider needs to make sure that one popular site won’t damage the performance of other sites on the server or even crash the entire system. This makes low cost hosting unmanageable for businesses that may need to stay online through traffic spikes, since you may be taken offline without warning at any time.

Low Quality Support

Even the best cheap website hosting plan cannot provide the level of support you will need if your business’s site starts experiencing problems you need fixed right away. Only business web hosting at a managed hosting level, where you get the entire server and complete support for keeping it functional and online, will be able to handle a true hosting emergency without impacting your bottom line. Low cost web hosting providers frequently only offer basic support during business hours if you are lucky enough to find a provider that offers support at all. There will probably be a wait to get help, and the help you get will be at a basic tech support level of quality.

Managed Hosting Is The Answer

If you need business web hosting for a serious web presence that your business needs, managed hosting by a qualified and professional managed hosting provider is the only safe way to go. Cheap website hosting plans can be a great way for individuals to run a hobbyist site or personal web page, but real businesses need a larger solution with better support. A managed hosting plan will let your business run a website with high quality professional support that is always present and a much lower risk of downtime. Business web hosting solutions should be purchased from top tier managed hosting professionals for a high quality web presence.

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