The Anatomy Of A Landing Page

It is quite common to see one page sites. These are largely affiliate sites which work as sales funnel.

I sometimes wonder whether these work – either for SEO or for sales. I thought it appropriate to study the anatomy of a typical landing page and these are my conclusions.

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Landing Pages Are Too Salesy

I have nothing against pushy salesmen but they seem to remind me of cheap bar of soap in hotel rooms – you might tolerate them for a day or two. A one page site which tries to sell something looks the same. There are way too many testimonials and success stories. If these guys were so successful, why do they have to go for such a landing page? Reading testimonial after testimonial makes me gag. One of the things you may notice is that there are no adverse comments. Finally, you are left with a feeling that a hand will reach out of the computer screen and grab you by the throat, if don’t buy immediately. In my opinion such an intense sales pitch doesn’t work.

Landing Pages Are Way Too Long

You have to scroll down and down till your mouse starts complaining loudly. When you do reach the end, you find yourself staring at a loud, massive and scary ‘Buy Now’ button. It is amateur psychology to think that you can shove a sale down someone’s throat. But this tactics is replicated in thousands of landing pages. No one seems to give a thought to the entire process. ‘If someone has done it, it must be right,’ seems to be the general opinion. In reality someone has got it horribly wrong and others are following the Pied Piper – into deep waters.

Search Engines Would Not Rate One Page Sites

I am sure Google has found a way to find these one page wonders and relegate them to the bottom of the search heap. One single web page simply cannot have enough relevant content to attract search engines. According to me, search engine optimization is ineffective in such cases. You must remember that there are no internal links on these sites. I suppose that is enough indication for search engines to demote them.

Do One Page Sites Work In Practice?

Actually I don’t think any serious study has been conducted to prove or disprove their effectiveness. Anyone who wants to strike it rich in the affiliate world gets a landing page designed and hosted. Probably, they just languish without being seen and remain unheard and unwept.


Single page sites have little to offer in terms of content. Affiliates get them made, anticipating great traffic which presumably doesn’t happen. The template of a landing page is way too long and the sales pitch is more a put off than anything else. The general impression is that the guys are trying to push their products down your throat. Testimonials may be recommended by sales manuals, but you must remember that selling is a subtle art which needs finesse and grace. Your landing page must do the same.

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