SEO – A Powerful Web Marketing Technique

SEO is a potent web marketing method that helps the websites to rank better. When you are in need of some information from Internet you will enter the keywords in the search engine and click the search button.

By doing this, you get the information page with same keywords. Most of the users usually visit those websites that are listed on the top as they perceive that these are the ones that are more relevant to the query. A few of the websites rank better, when compared to the others due to the technique known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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How SEO Works

Search engine optimization is not human search engines, but text-driven search engines. Technology is growing very fast and it pushes the human brilliance back in place. Search engines can provide details about each and every site as fast as possible. With the help of a software crawler, search engines, crawl the web to check what is on the websites.

Once you search and find a page by crawling you will get the indexed page. You can retrieve the page from the giant database when you need it later. Keywords, links and metatags are the common factors used to calculate the relevancy using algorithms. For each search engine the algorithm is different. So the search results provided by different search engines also will differ from each other. You can use SEO to promote your websites.

Tips To Increase Traffic

The basic principle between the major search engine operations is same, but the difference is in some factors related to search. You can optimize watchfully if you plan to overpower more than one of the search engines:

  1. One of the most important things you need to concentrate is the keyword. For a successful search engine optimization result you need to provide the best keywords. Always use the keywords that are matching to your text.
  2. Optimize carefully using one or more term keywords for your website to achieve your goal. Keyword density is also very important to get a good traffic for your website. For major 2 or 3 keywords the recommended density is 3-7% and for minor keywords it is about 1-2%. It is possible to check your keyword density using the keyword density checker. You can use keywords in URL’s that will increase your probability of high ranking.
  3. Always try to use a catchy page title, because it will help you to rank better. You can use the keywords in headings and make a couple of subheadings to ease the readability. Shorter and catchy headings are better than longer ones. SEO help you to get all the ideas for increasing your website traffic. Links are very important to rank you in better position. Not only quantity, but quality also is a part of algorithm.
  4. To ensure the success of your website, make it clear that the content in your website is your own and fresh. To make your website SEO friendly, you need to update it at least weekly. Sometimes it is not possible to refresh the contents, but you can change the sub headings or heading of paragraphs to update it successfully. It will increase the traffic to your site regularly.
  5. You can bold your italic text and also bold the important keywords or alternate keywords to attract your readers. A duplicate content is a serious problem that will make your site sometimes out of the search engine. Do not, copy paste a single sentence from other websites. You can rewrite the sentences in your own words and present it in your articles. Because content is the king of your website that helps you to increase the traffic. To overcome this situation you can use similar page checker or copyscape to detect copy paste words.

The purpose of SEO is to make your website noticeable in search engines and thereby increase the traffic to your sites easily.

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