Best Kept Secrets of Arts & Design Careers: A Six-Pack of Possibilities

Blog post giving details of 6 little-known art and design careers and why someone in this industry may be interested in pursuing them.

Creativity abounds in arts and design students, but unfortunately, many degree-holders seek only high-profile jobs after graduation and become disgruntled, discouraged and disillusioned. Fortunately, valid employment is still possible if you look outside known parameters. Those boundaries are merely someone else’s benchmark.

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Performance Arts

Film, video and stage productions need set designers, location specialists and costume designers. Someone has to design the elaborate or elaborate-looking props, scenes and atmospheres that are critical in performance arts. The ability to visualize, compose and create clothing and settings is a desired and needed trait in these fields.

Photography, whether still photography or motion photography, whether on film or a video card, absolutely demands a critical and creative eye. Determining viable live filming background can make or break crucial scenes in movies or newscasts. The ability to see and focus on current detail is equal in importance to anticipation of unrolling events—changes—and how they inherently affect a film session. 

Product Design

Rather broad in initial application, designing tools, machines and even toys requires both a technical precision and a honed creativity that is broader than the horizon. From a more efficient tea pot to the next generation of hand-held electronic device, new products are always needed.

Whether applied in research and development for a large corporation or as an inventor working in a basement, garage or shed, designing new, innovative, and market-appealing physical items can reap creative satisfaction and sometimes vast financial rewards—all because someone thought of an idea, designed a gadget and presented it for manufacture.

Theme Park Design

What is the world’s first/tallest/largest/longest/funnest roller coaster? When was it designed? Where is it? Who designed it? If you can answer all of those questions, you may have the imagination and the technical skills required to design theme parks. Coney Island, the Disney and Six Flags parks, for example, didn’t just sprout up overnight.

Someone had an idea, then did something about it.

Sketch Artist

If pencils and drawing pads are more your bailiwick, consider becoming a sketch artist. Newspapers, broadcast news and law enforcement all have need for good sketch artists. Quick, accurate drawings of scenes and people allow greater understanding and visual representation that very ably boosts written or spoken words.

Help identify a serial killer. Portray a tense courtroom during critical testimony. Help find lost or kidnapped children with age-progression software. Use your skills for good, for fun and for a good salary.

Motion Capture Technician

Meld the physical with the digital. Motion capture technicians were crucial in making the blockbuster hit movie, Avatar. Capture the motion of actors, digitize them and create 2D or 3D digital characters following the same motion. This highly advanced specialty finds a home in the movie or the gaming industry.

Work at the top of the motion technology field and create the next generation of ‘mocap’ effects.

Web Design

Continuing in the electronics application theme, web designers work with not only website design but also icons, electronic logos, fonts, special effects, even advertising and more. 

As technology improves and changes, so will the Internet. As the Internet changes, demand for qualified web design specialists can follow.


Look beyond normal boundaries. Use the creative side of the brain to find a highly satisfying career path in any of these or several more little-known arts and design careers.

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