6 Reasons You Should be Using Squidoo to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

People write blogs for many reasons. Some want to share their knowledge about a topic or provide information about a product or service.

Other bloggers want to open a line of communication with people that share their interest and some are marketing tools. Whatever the motivation, all blog writers have one thing in common: they want people to read what they write.

In order to accomplish that goal, you have to make people aware that your blog exists. Having Cousin Lenny and the rest of the family read your blog is fun, but that’s probably not exactly the audience you had in mind. A more effective promotion method than the family grapevine is Squidoo.

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1. Do You Know Squidoo?

In case you don’t know, Squidoo is a publishing platform that lets you create and publish “lenses”, or articles, about the topic of your choice. It’s a place to express your perspective and share your knowledge about a subject. It’s also a smart way to drive traffic to your blog. Here’s why:

2. Squidoo is Free

Most advertising is expensive, but it’s free on Squidoo. All you have to do is provide an interesting article and publish it at the site. Myriad readers then have easy access to your lens and links to your blog. You’re building your reputation as an expert on your subject and it cost nothing except a little brainpower.

3. It’s Easy to Squidoo

You don’t need many computer skills to use Squidoo. It’s user friendly and easy to understand. There are helpful tutorials that teach you how to optimize your lens for the best results. You’ll also find convenient, easy to use tools that make your lens painless to maintain and update.

4. All-Important Back-Links

Squidoo is a good way to create back-links. Back-links help increase your page rank in search engines and that’s key to increasing readership. You need all the back-links you can get and Squidoo is a great place to start building them.

5. You Can Earn Money on Squidoo

Besides increasing traffic at your blog, you can make a little cash along the way. Earn royalties when readers visit or make money with affiliate marketing. Google Adsense can match your lens with advertisements that compliment your topic. There are other ways to earn money with Squidoo and you can even choose to share some of those earnings with your favorite charity if you like.

6. Because It Works

The best reason to use Squidoo is that it works. Oh, it’s not going to work overnight . Like your blog, it takes time and effort from you before you begin seeing results, but it’s worth it. Squidoo is effective, it’s free, and it’s easy to use. Try it and I think you’ll agree that Squidoo is a smart way to drive traffic to your blog.

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