What Is Product Design?

Product design is the process by which new products are designed and produced. Here, we describe exactly how this process works. Not only will this list help you to better understand product design but it’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Once you finish reading the guide, it’s up to you to implement affordable product design into your plan. Ready to take a look? Good!

Product design in its basic form is simply coming up with new ideas to improve the efficiency or productivity of existing products or the creation of new ones. This generation of ideas then leads to production. Here, we’ve outlined some of the steps that take place in order to help give you a better understanding of exactly what product design is, how it works, and what you can do to make it easier.

Coming Up With The Idea

There are a number of methods employed by product designers to help them come up with ideas. These can be:

  • Needs based- Looking at things that would help make our everyday lives easier by fulfilling a specific task. This can even be building on or improving an existing item.
  • Imaginative thinking- Some designers focus more on using their imagination, their own research, and observation of the world around them to come up with their product design ideas.

Bringing The Product To Life

Once the designer has come up with an idea, it’s time to put it to the test by creating a prototype. A number of design ideas will be discussed including the materials best suited for the product, the technology required for its production and the way that the product will meet the user’s needs.

Once all of the design elements have been addressed, and all necessary refinements have been made, the product will go into production.

Selling The Product

Once the product has been designed and the important elements of how it should look and feel have been addressed, there are two ways that a product designer may bring the idea to the public. They might decide to sell the product to a client or have been contracted to come up with the idea. That client will then manufacturer the item and sell it to their customers. Or the designer can sell directly to the public, having the item manufactured and marketed themselves.

New Technology Now Makes The Process Easier

Combining science, art and technology, a product designer comes up with new ideas for items and then goes through the process of making them a tangible, three dimensional item. Today, there are so many different computer programs and other useful tools that help designers make their ideas come to life. From new ways of actually creating items through plastic injection moulding techniques to computer software that helps the designer map out how the product will work, now more than ever product designers have a number of tools at hand to help make their ideas become actual items. Nowadays, anyone can come up with a great product design idea and get the help they need to make their product a reality.

Product design is everywhere we turn. From the furniture we sit on to the toys our children play with. I hope our explanation of what product design is has given you some insight as to how many of the items we use in our everyday lives have come into existence. If it hasn’t, let us know what we can do to make our information better for future reference by leaving a comment below. We read each and every comment left on our site and will be sure to take all of your advice into consideration. Also, check out the links below!


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