Posting On Other Blogs vs. Having Your Own Blog

Statistics show that in 2010 the number of blogs reached a billion and it is an ascending trend therefore we can expect an even greater number of blogs. This thing brings both advantages and disadvantages and it most surely cannot be ignored by internet users.

You can surely find any type of information you may be searching for online and especially on blogs, but the search is made difficult by the large number of sources. This loss of time cannot be tolerated and companies owning search engines have already picked up on this issue. Statistics also show that people start blogs as a way to earn money but in time few blogs are actually successful in this way.

The person that owns a blog, the blogger, is the author of the texts posted and also the administrator of the website. That may sound like a lot of fun but most of the time it implies a great amount of work. The question that comes to mind is if having a blog is profitable; can you assure that you have enough traffic so that the ideas you post are made popular?

A solution to this problem is posting on other blogs, popular blogs that already have an audience, but many consider this to be a substitute rather than a solution. I hope that this article will help you find a middle way between the wish to have your own blog and that of posting articles on other people’s blogs.

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1. Having Your Own Blog


– Sense Of Ownership

There is no doubt that having your own blog makes you feel like you have something to say and that somebody is listening to you. It is very possible that fundamental changes begin with blogs or even articles. Anyway, having a blog is highly addictive! (Believe me)

– Exchanging Idea

A blog is often a community, and a community means communication, dialogue and free exchange of ideas. All of these things happen around a blog, but the only condition is to have a reasonable traffic otherwise it will only be an exchange of ideas between friends. Social networks are a great way to generate traffic, so any article, any post and any blog needs to be promoted using social networks.

– Promoting

A blog can bring advantages that are unquantifiable. For example having a blog about journalism can be very helpful when trying to get a job with a magazine (having a blog can certainly make your CV much more interesting). The administrator of a blog can eventually be a well known person, even a celebrity, but this is conditioned by having good traffic.


There Are Too Many Blogs So The Numbers Of Readers Grows Slowly

The number of internet users is growing but the numbers of blogs is growing even faster, so it is mathematically impossible that all blogs have a decent traffic. Therefore it is very hard for blogs to have a loyal public, many blogs fail on this account.

Finding A Niche Is Hard, Almost Impossible

Because the number of blogs is so great, there is no subject that isn’t already debated by a blog and so it is hard to motivate readers to read your blog.

The Lack Of Motivation

It is important for a blogger to be popular, am so the lack of readers will discourage anyone. As long as you don’t have readers, you don’t feel motivated to write and so this leads to abandoning the blog.

2. Posting Articles On Other Blogs


Practice And Rarning Experience

For a beginner administrating a blog is not an easy task and so it is recommended that the debut of a blogger happens on a shared blog. This means you post your articles on somebody else’s blog, in fact it is best that you post it on many blogs. This way it is easier to transition from a guest post to a blog administrator.

Financial Possibilities

Having a lot of posts on high traffic blogs may be a way to increase your personal budget. There are plenty of blogs that offer sums of money for quality articles. There is only one problem: these blogs must be sought out, not a one will go searching for bloggers and the standards are quite high.

Connections With Other Bloggers

Looking for blogs that accept guest posts isn’t difficult but it’s very time consuming. With the passing of time though connections will be established with other bloggers facilitating this search and experience exchange, which is incredibly beneficial especially for newcomers.


Success And Profit Are Shared

The possible success of a post will belong to the owner of the blog; traffic and publicity contracts bring in revenue for the owner who usually shares some of this with the author. This will have to be established though through some form of contract or deal.

Having a great number of guest posts I might be biased but to my own surprise I couldn’t think of other disadvantages; I would greatly appreciate any comments or opinions relating to this.

Personally I don’t see the two: posting articles on other blogs and having your own blog as being antagonistic, instead I see one as the continuation of the other. Having an attractive blog is hard work and the “secrets of the trade” require time to uncover. On the other hand as a guest poster you share responsibility with the blogs administrator from whom a lot of practical things about administering your personal blog can be learned. I am interested in learning your opinion about this issue and any commentary will be appreciated.

Sharing is Caring

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