Is RSS Still Valuable?

There was a time when e-mail marketing was dead, social media would never work, and RSS feeds were the new big thing. Those days are over. E-mail may be down but it is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Social media is the new big thing and it is here to stay. So should you still bother using RSS?

The truth is, while the prominence of RSS feeds has diminished, they are still a very effective way of getting returning readers or customers. Less people use them but plenty still do. You certainly should not abandon trying to get RSS subscribers but you may want to re-consider your focus. RSS users are vast but most are techie and tend to be working-age adults. Social media is a better way to target younger people but can be used to target any specific group. E-mail is another way to better communicate with an older audience while younger audiences rely more on social media.

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Type Of Audience

The value of RSS to your business depends on what type of business you are in. If you are promoting content, you cannot live without RSS. It may not be the most effective way of bringing people back to your site but it is a way to get subscribers coming back. If your target audience is older or younger than the average working age public, you may want to focus on a different way of bringing them back.

Importance Of E-Mail

E-mail, meanwhile, may also be losing users but its effectiveness has increased. Just about every business is trying to get that all-elusive e-mail address to reach people through their e-mail inbox and without having to necessarily bring them back to the site. Many marketers will tell you that getting the e-mail address is the most important thing you can do. That may be true.

Social Networking Sites

While the other two methods of reaching existing subscribers are slowly losing importance, a new type of method for reaching subscribers is going strong. Friends, followers, and fans on social networking sites are the new wave of “subscribers.” Reaching these subscribers not only allows you to promote your content or products to them, it allows you to build relationships, followings, and target your audience better using the information that social networks allow you to see.

Which One Is Most Effective

So which way is most effective? Well, they all are. Social media is definitely the best way to go beyond plain, old marketing but the returns from social networking traffic is ever fluctuating. The life of content on such sites is very short. E-mail is a great way to reach people directly, sometimes when they first get online, sometimes directly on their smartphones. RSS is definitely less of a competitor these days but if it works, don’t completely forget it. As long as people keep using RSS feed readers, keep trying to get those subscribers. As any good marketer will tell you – you cannot just focus on one source of traffic, you have to utilize all the ones that you can.

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