Is Content More Enterprising than Design

There is an ongoing battle between what seems best in perspective of online business. While many of them believe that it is always content which decides and rules everything on the huge web space, there are still some who are staunch votary of website design. Well, there is a third school of thought appearing on the firmament which says that there should be a perfect balance between the website content and website design. Which is actually the right way out here?

There is no doubt, and even many of search engine experts also firmly believe, content is always the top priority when it comes to web-based business. It is fresh content which drives the crawlers wild. Good and logically flowing content will make the quality visitors visit your website and this means your business is getting noticed. It is your website content which will help the online visitors to purchase your products or services. What if your website has only words and text? Will it do any good to your website business? Of course not!

The exception to this belief is the information rich and academic websites which actually don’t rely on graphics and imagery. And it seems obvious too. The academic and information based websites draw only specific and quality traffic that is more interested to get the information and knowledge related to their subject. The quality traffic visiting those information and knowledge based websites have no intention to view graphics or videos.

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Driving Quality Traffic To E Commerce Website With Symmetrical Layout Design

traffic Is Content More Enterprising than Design

An E commerce website is a commercial website which is there to do business. It has volumes of products or services to offer. Only content will not be able to do real justice. The content should be balanced by relevant graphics or imagery that describes the product or service to layman audience. Graphics and imagery will add more volatile and quick information to the audience and they will be ready to fix the deal. A buyer who wants to buy a toaster would only be able to make the final decision if he/she sees the real-time image of toaster. No matter whatever one writes about toaster, there is always a lurking urge in the mind of a buyer to see the real image of product. In short, image will make the online conversions easy. Therefore, all the E commerce websites make it sure to have fresh and real image of product tagged against the product description without fail. In the end, it is the symmetrical layout and design and proper placement of imagery which renders the best outcome.

Graphics And Images Create Subliminal Presence

graphic image Is Content More Enterprising than Design

Graphics and images will create a permanent view of the product or service in your mind which is there to stay in the sub conscious mind for long. The subliminal presence is what advertisers aim at and the real fact is that it is real. If you visited any website (E commerce website of course), say a month back with no intention of buying, then the only thing which would drive your excitement to make you revisit the same website would be image of a particular product. The image of the product had played an instrumental role in making you go mad and spend sleepless nights. The image acts as an enticing force.

Content Plays Its Own Game Baby

content Is Content More Enterprising than Design

While graphics and imagery seems to be critical in driving quality traffic to the website, content still comes first. What if you come across any E commerce website which is just loaded with pictures of products one after another and not even a line or two written about them? You will just make a split second decision to leave such type of E commerce website and move on to another one which is offering you good and authentic product description. Content is also important for making the e-commerce website rank on top. Web crawlers will always make it sure that content goes along with image either in Tag notation or full description. However, make sure that the content is relevant to image just like the image is relevant to content.

Content Makes Website Quite Chatty

webcontent Is Content More Enterprising than Design

Images and graphics do not provide the information. It is only the content which will provide real-time information about the product or service. Irrespective of the fact that you have included number of self-explanatory diagrams in your website, there is nothing better than using power of words to make the explanation more communicative and realistic to the web audience. Human perception is oriented towards reading and understanding the concept.

What Would You Like To Do Now?

blog Is Content More Enterprising than Design

Do you want to focus on content part of your website or the website layout and imagery? It would indeed be a great idea to strike a balance as this makes your online business move up.

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