How To Use Pinterest – Everything You Need To Know

Pinterest is an addictive Social Media to share your interest on internet. Being an image based site, it has raised a lot of interest and curiosity. If you are new to this wonderful website, let us take you through step by step process of using Pinterest. So discover a new world of interesting stuff with us and share your interests with the world.

Taking the First Step

To enter this interesting virtual world, you have to log on to As a new user, you currently need to send a request for an invite, which will lead you to another page.

Taking the First Step

Once you add your email id and click on ” send an invitation”, you will get a confirmatory mail on your email id within seconds, but it is just to tell you that you have been added to the waiting list and you will get an invite soon. It is said, beginning is half done. So wait patiently for their next mail.

Taking the First Step

Got an Invitation?

It usually takes three to four days to get an invite so check your mail regularly and meanwhile you can surf the site. Once you get an invitation, it will ask you to sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account although you can unlink these accounts anytime after signing up.

How to use Pinterest

I used my Facebook account to register myself although you can use your Twitter account as well.

How to use Pinterest

How to use Pinterest

It will further take you to another page, where you need to put in your Screen name (and check for its availability), email id and a password. Hurray! you are now signed in.

How to use Pinterest

For your future logins you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account or simply enter your email id and password.

How to use Pinterest


Once you are done with creating your user Id, it will ask you to Click on few things of your interest so that it can suggest people to follow. You can currently choose from Architecture, Art, Cars and Motorcycles, Design, DIY and Crafts, Education, Fitness, Food and Drink, Gardening, Geek, Hair and Beauty, History, Holidays, Home, Humor, Kids, Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Outdoors, Pets, Photography, Prints and Posters, Products, Science, Sports, Technology, Travel and Places, and last but not the least, Weddings and Events.

How to use Pinterest

On the basis of your interests, it will assign some people it think you’ll like, though you can unfollow them at any point. You can also Find friends from Facebook or Twitter. You can also unfollow them later, if you choose.

How to use Pinterest


When you are done with making a list of people you want to follow, click on Create Boards and you will be directed to Step Two i.e. Creating Pinboards. Pinboards are visual collections of things you love.

How to use Pinterest

Create your first few Pinboards as per the suggestions or add your own and click on Create button.


First of all install the “Pin It” button in the browser Toolbar. Pinterest will itself guide you through the process. This way when ever you see an interesting image, you can pin it and add to your pinboards. Another benefit is that Pinterest will automatically seize the source link to credit the original source.

How to use Pinterest

Once you have installed the Pin It button in whatever browser you use, click on Start Pinning and you are done with your sign up thing. Your homepage will look something like this.

How to use Pinterest

How to use Pinterest

Pinners you follow

When you click on “Pinners you follow”, you will be shown their recent activity related to you on the left side of page and their likes on the other side. When you hover on any image of your interest, you can Like it, Repin it or Comment on it.

How to use Pinterest


As you hover on Everything, you can look for more Pinboards to follow or images you like.

How to use Pinterest


If you are more interesting in watching videos than reading step by step tutorial or Videos, you have option for that also. Just click on Videos and you will be shown the videos pinned by the pinners you follow.

How to use Pinterest


If you want to know whats interesting the others most, just click on Popular tab and you will be shown most liked and repinned images.

How to use Pinterest


If you are on a hunt to give a unique gift to you special ones but are not able to decide, you can click on Gifts where you will get unique and interesting gift ideas, starting from $1.

How to use Pinterest

More Functions


Clicking on Add button, gives you options of Adding the URL or uploading the Pin. You can also create a new board if you desire.

How to use Pinterest

If you choose the option of Add a Pin, you have to enter a url, after which Pinterest will fetch the images itself. Simply choose from which image you liked the most or the one most relevant to the description, Create or add a Board for it, write a description up to 500 words, choose whether you want to share this pin to your Facebook and Twitter profile as well and then Pin it. In case of Upload a Pin, you need to drag the picture from your desktop to it and rest of the process is pretty much the same.

How to use Pinterest

You can also create new Boards by clicking the third option in “Add” button that is Create a Board. Just write the Board name, choose from the categories option, and choose if you want to Pin it yourself or add some contributors to the list, and your new board is created. At any point of time you can make changes in the Board or delete it by clicking on Edit Board option.

How to use Pinterest


If you want to check What is Pinterest, What are Pin Etiquette, How to get Started, Get some Support, Download Goodies related to Pinterest like Pinterest Logo, “Pin It” Button, Pinterest for iPhone, “Follow Button” for Websites or “Pin It” Button for Websites etc, you can check the About page.

How to use Pinterest



Invite Your Friends to Pinterest from Facebook, Twitter or send up to Four invites to your friends’ email ids.

How to use Pinterest


You can arrange your boards, add, modify, follow or delete boards and even edit your profile.

How to use Pinterest


You can check your Pins, repin pins, edit and comment on Pins. Just roll over he image.

How to use Pinterest


Same goes with likes as well.

How to use Pinterest


You can change different settings like your Email notifications, Password, Display name and Image, Information about yourself, Linking to Facebook or Twitter and Visibility from Search engines. You can even delete your account if you do not wish to continue it further.

How to use Pinterest

You can follow SloDive on Pinterest and check some exciting images and content from SloDive on Pinterest as well.

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