How To Make Money From Your Blog

The internet is filled with all kinds of ways for people to make money from writing, but most people get into it almost by accident as they end up monetizing blogs that they initially started out writing for a hobby or for fun.

The normal route is for a blog to bring in the occasional few dollars that might pay for a site’s hosting or might pay for a few cups of coffee or two or three books a month. And then it might grow into enough to be equivalent to the sort of money you might get from part time work. And for the very lucky few it just might end up being enough to bring in hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars.

That said, there are literally millions of blogs out there that never make any money. All those people thinking of going into writing blogs to make big money should be very careful. It is extremely difficult to make it as one of that small number of bloggers who are able to make good money from their blog (or a number of blogs). Despite these odds however, many people start on new blogs every day with the aim of making money from blogging. If you’re thinking about trying blogging to make money or monetizing a blog that you’ve already got going then you should think about following the steps outlined in this article.

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To start with, make sure that you’ve found the right combination of a catchy sounding domain name and a niche that you know to be profitable. The idea of a profitable niche is a niche that can make money, but is not so wide and massively oversubscribed as to be impossible to break into. So, let’s say you want to get into collectable toys, then obviously you don’t want to try and build a site just around toys – there will be millions out there that you will be competing with and the chances are you’ll lose. Even ‘collectable toys’ might be too difficult to break into at first. However, if you were to try for ‘collectable toys UK’ or ‘collectable action figures’ or ‘collectable train sets’ then you would probably find a niche that is both profitable and achievable. 

To get the most traffic for your niche you’ll need to work out the best keywords and phrases to optimise your site for. There are all kinds of tools out there to do this, some of them free and others costing between fifty and a hundred dollars and able to give you all kinds of data about the best keywords for your site and the ones used by your competitors. Any of them allow you to build a list of the most common and the most profitable terms that people type into Google or other search engines to find a site like yours.

Next comes the important bit and the bit that too many people forget – writing good content. Unbelievably this is normally the bit where most sites let themselves down. To be a successful blogger and to make money from writing, guess what – you’re going to need to put some time and effort into the writing! If you add in a few well chosen and search engine optimized keywords all the better, but focus on the writing itself before you do anything else. 

Next, think about site promotion. Build some links through guest posting and make sure the articles are interesting and not scraped content. Make people want to click through to your site and choose carefully which sites you guest post on. If their readership is interested in your article there’s a good chance they’ll come and look at your site. Don’t get tempted into paying for links through link farms or anything like that. Google are smart and eventually it will backfire.

Lastly, when you’re ready and you’ve got a decent readership, and the site is doing well, you can monetize your site. There are a number of ways you can do this but the most common ways that people start earning money are the following:

1. Affiliate Programs

These are programs in which other businesses will pay you a small fee for customers and/or traffic that you have sent over to their site from your site. Normally they will click through from a link you have placed somewhere strategically, or from an advert on the side.

2. Adsense

Adsense is the most famous of all monetizing methods, although it is not a massive earner for most people. Adsense is a simple ad serving application owned and managed by Google. All you need to do is join your site in the Adsense program to get text, video and image based adverts running on your site and generating small revenues through pay per click or impressions.

3. Continuity Programs

Continuity Programs are programs which give a recurring income to you from a subscription or service that your site provides to its customers.

4. Private Ad Sales

These are exactly what they sound like – a private advert space on your site sold by you to another business who wants to advertise with you.

5. Ebooks

These normally come in the form of guidebooks or ‘how to’ guides and can be downloaded by your readers for a small fee from your site.

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