How to Create Great Blog Content

Blogging has been described as the ‘new journalism’ the internet has democratized the process and creating and disseminating news, meaning that individuals now have the opportunity to stand alongside giants like broad sheet newspapers.

Indeed the internet and blogging platforms have lead to the rise of a new practice ‘citizen journalism’, since the majority of the public are now equipped with sophisticated smart phones with built in cameras, witnesses can now be first on the scene to important breaking news stories. This is the power of blogging.

Blogging is really about empowerment however; because there is now the opportunity for every conceivable niche to carve out a corner of the web for itself. While your local news stand or stationers might stock the latest monthly publication on say, Tattoos, will they have any information on fish Tattoos by Brazilian artists only? Probably not. This is where the blogosphere really comes into its own, the depth and breadth of topics is vast, but how do you create great content that people want to read?

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Define Your Audience

Who are you writing for? There is no use adopting an informal, colloquial tone if you are writing for financial professionals, you won’t be taken seriously. In the same token, using complex jargon will not wash if you are trying to entertain and enthuse a mass audience.

Provoke Emotion

It is proven that content whether it be video, imagery or writing content that elicits an emotional response is the most engaging. This means whatever you produce should provoke humor, delight, sympathy or even disgust in your audience. A video about bot fly extraction may not be pretty but it sure is compelling!

Ask Questions

People love answering questions. Blog titles containing questions, particularly ‘how to…?’ guides are extremely popular since they are, in effect timeless. If possible ask questions throughout your posts which will encourage interaction through comments and social media platforms, keeping people coming back to your post.

Be Newsworthy

A great way to gain huge traction is to be first to market with the latest breaking news story. The earlier you can get in there the more people will consider you as an authority source and the more likely they will be to come back to you in the future.

Along with all this, a lively, engaging writing style is key. Blogging is a great way to practice your creative writing but if you are blogging for business, why not consider getting someone else to write for you?

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