Regain Control Over Your Day – Hire a VA

Virtual Assistants (VA) play a critical role in business owner’s busy day. Ask any business owner and they will advise you what a blessing a VA is. From managing the small assignments to actively engaging in vital work matters, virtual assistants can perform all the tasks.

Before proceeding any further, let’s discuss the word “virtual assistant” for those who are not very familiar with the concept of hiring VAs to increase the personal productivity. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who does all the work that you need them to do from a remote location. Thanks to the Internet, working with someone from Philippines, India, Australia while you are in America is now a reality. People could have only dreamed of this a decade or so ago!

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Now let us establish a definition of delegation so as to understand what it is and what it is not. Delegation is the passing on of the authority and responsibility to another person to carry out a certain task. Ineffective delegation can really spell disaster for you and your business.

What benefits can effective delegation bring to you and your business?

  • It frees up your time so that you can focus on other issue. Instead of spending time on petty tasks, you can now do things that really matter.
  • It allows you leave out things that you are not so good at so that you can focus all your energy on things that you are good at.
  • It makes work more enjoyable as you now only do what you like and pass on to your virtual assistant what you don’t like.

You free up several hours of time by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant. This leaves you with extra time to focus your energies on stuff that really matters.

You don’t have to waste time on maintenance and updating of critical records such as health insurance and other employee benefits since you don’t have to provide these benefits to a virtual assistant.

You can greatly increase your income by handling the important tasks and letting your virtual assistant work tasks that are less important. Let’s take an example to elaborate on this point.

Suppose your job involves two tasks; designing logos and responding to customers via email. For the time that you spend designing logos, your pay rate is $30 per hour and for the time that you spend responding to queries from customers, your pay rate is $10 per hour. Now that you have decided to hire a virtual assistant to handle customers, you can now fully devote your time to the activity that pays you more; logo designing. You will now be able to earn more per working day!

Instead of hiring a fulltime on-site employee to handle various tasks, you can hire several virtual assistants that specialize in certain tasks. This will give you a more quality output.

There are several other reasons as to why you should hire a Virtual Assistant.

Firstly, a virtual assistant works from their own office or home. This means no provision for a physical workspace has to be made. This is particularly beneficial and convenient for those with a home office. It ensures that your privacy is protected. Those who are out of space at the office to fit in another desk and a chair, can also benefit from the concept of virtual presence.

Since virtual assistants use personal equipments, like computers and printers, for the provision of their services, you are saved from the purchase and maintenance of such costly office equipment. This helps to cut down on your expenses.

You can now have the freedom of doing things that you enjoy and delegating the boring tasks to your virtual assistant.

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