25 Interesting Google Tricks

Google tricks are no more a “Geek’s swindle” now. Even the common internet savvy people have the knowledge of these funny and interesting tricks. Recently, the Easter Egg–query “do a barrel roll” made us curious and if you are wondering if there are some more amusing tricks similar to this, to keep you all busy for some time, we have a collection of 25 Google tricks exclusively for you.

When it comes to amuse yourself while you are tired with your PC, we all look for some easy and quick entertainment. These Google tricks will surely help you kill the boredom and tiredness. So, let us add a zing to the monotonous work and gear up with some witty mind games with Google. For the clever, interesting and out of the ordinary, Google tricks have a look below. These are some amazing tricks; you all should try once bored while working. Enjoy yourself and keep trying these Google tricks!

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Make Google Show You a Heart

Put this code in Google to see the magiv of Love:

(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200 x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

or visit this link Google Love.

google heart 25 Interesting Google Tricks

Find Faces Behind Image Search

The code &imgtype=face can do a handy trick to find the faces behind any Google image search. It is a trick which filters a Google image search to only show the images of people who may be behind the product or brand that you intend to search. If you make an image search appending the code, the results will be something like shown in the image below.

  • http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=google and http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=google&imgtype=face

  • find faces behind image search google trick 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Gravity

    Mischiviously genius web developer Ricardo Cabello has created a fun “Google Gravity Trick, which pulls the Google elements down to the gravity. Check Google Gravity link and see the Google Home Page falling down and collapsing.

    google gravity 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Sphere

    Cabello knows another one also. It is known as “Google Sphere”, and which makes all the Google Home elements dance around the Google logo and search bar. Click Google Sphere


    google sphere 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Klingon

    Klingon is a language spoken by alien Klingons of some Star Trek Movies. Now Google speaks Klingon too. If you think you are one of those Star Trek beings, then the Google Klingon search is certainly of your use. Find the Google Klingon interface here.

    google startrek 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Pacman

    Created on May 21, 2003, Google Pacman was a great tribute to the old-school game on its 30th anniversary. It changes the Google logo into a fully functional Pac-Man game.

    google pacman 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    ASCII Art

    ASCII Art changes the Google logo into graphic-style text, which is made of slashes and dashes.

    ascii google 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Barrel Roll

    It turns the Google search page into a roller-coaster ride. Just click Google Barrel Roll to the see Google rolling.

    google barrel roll 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Recursion

    Here’s a crazy one, which will make you go even crazier. Just search for recursion and you’ll be answered “did you mean recursion?” However, if you are used to with this answer with all you spellings, then the trick may not amuse you.

    google recursion 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Tilt

    The ‘Tilt’ trick has been used by other search engines too. For instance, Bing offers an animated background on its home page, and you hover your mouse over certain elements to see them closely. The “Google Tilt” does it only literally, which is tilting the page a bit like in the image below. Just search tilt or askew to shake the Google.

    google tilt 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Map’s pegman turn LEGO

    Search Google Maps for Legoland, Carlsbad, CA. Take the pegman and drop into the location which is showing blue lines. Now, the Pegman turns into a Lego, isn’t that cool?

    lego pegman 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Search by Image

    Now don’t only search an image, but also drop an image into search box to find its other instances. You can upload an image or an image link after clicking on the camera sign in the corner to the right of the search box

    google search with an image 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Pirate

    If ye love to talk lika pirate, then also search lika ‘em with Google Pirate.

    google pirate 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Guitar

    The Google Guitar is an animated version of the Google Logo, which actually allows you strum the strings.

    google guitar 25 Interesting Google Tricks


    Started as an April Fool’s joke, but Mentalplex is still baffling the less internet-savvy victims.

    google mentalplex 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Ninja

    Go to Google Reader move the cursor keys as, “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A”. Suddenly a Ninja will pop up onto your screen and a text into your search box.

    google ninja trick 25 Interesting Google Tricks


    Set the beach theme on the iGoogle homepage and wait until 3:14 am or simply forward your clock to see the sunsense-filled trick.

    nessie igoogle trick 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Flight simulator

    The Easter Egg trick became so immensely popular that Google made it one of its features. In Google Earth, click on Tools, enter Flight Simulato, and get set to make a tour of the Google sky.

    flight simulator 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Loco

    Search Google Loco and open the first link in the search results. It should most probably be http://www.thatsloco.com/, which will make the Google logo letters go loco.

    google loco 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Annoying Google

    Search Google Annoying and hit I’m feeling lucky. You’ll be led to www.donttypelikethis.com, which would have actually annoyed Google bigtime.

    annoying google 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Google Rainbow

    It is not something, which you cannot guess. Click Google Rainbow to see the rainbow effect.

    google rainbow 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Who’s The Cutest

    Google can be a great confidence lifter. Ask it Who’s the Cutest? and then you would not ever feel need to ask anyone else.

    Google Weenie

    If you want to see how things reduce to smallest, do Google Weenie. Search Google Weenie in Google and it will make things smaller, smaller.

    google weenie 25 Interesting Google Tricks

    Ooglegay Igpay Atinlay

    Want to speak Pig Latin? Search ooglegay igpay atinlay, hit I’m Feeling Lucky Google will talk to you in Pig Latin.

    google pig latin 25 Interesting Google Tricks

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