Good Facebook Pages – 4 Things They Need To Have

A list of some Facebook best practices for users and for businesses. Just relying on the old marketing standbys is not good enough anymore if you really want to make an impression on the world wide web.

Sure, traditional forms of promotion like advertising and article marketing can bring you a boost in traffic and sales. But if you really want to become a leader in your niche, you have to move onto Facebook.

People have come to expect companies to be visible on Facebook. If people are interested in a certain business or product, they’ll be more than happy to become a fan of it in order to keep up with it.

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However, all Facebook pages are not successful. If you want to create a good Facebook page, it needs to include these 4 things:

1. Exclusives

If there are parts of your business that can only be found on Facebook – like coupons or even details about upcoming product launches – people will visit your page so that they have the latest information. And, if that information is useful, people will share it with their friends. Before you know it, your exclusives can go viral!

2. A Feeling Of Community

Your Facebook should be much more laid-back than your actual website. If you want to succeed on Facebook, skip the sales pitches and the formalities and work on creating a community. If you strive to make your followers feel like they’re part of the group, they will start to think of you as a friend. And, people are much more likely to do business with their friends!

Encourage people to share their opinions, comment on your photos, and make suggestions. That way, your fans feel included and you get to hear exactly what your target audience wants!

3. A Facebook Shopping Cart

Just because you don’t have a hyped-up sales pitch on your page doesn’t mean you can’t monetize it. Facebook shopping carts allow people to browse through your products and even make purchases right on your fan page. With a Facebook shopping cart, you don’t even have to rely on people clicking through to your website!

4. Fun

Remember fun? It’s a huge part of successful Facebook pages.

After all, Facebook is a site that people visit to relax and unwind. If you can provide them with a funny video, an interesting picture, or a witty status update, you’re helping them forget about their stress – and you’re making them far more likely to visit your page again.

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