Blog Owners Should Justify Their Worth On Web – Why And How?

We all love to see changes around our thought plans. Be it based on speculations or a proven point, we strive hard for a better tomorrow.

The objective remains pretty similar – larger profit, special identity and domain leadership. Simply put, we are dynamic in nature and love to do permutation-combinations with our existing revenue model.

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Bloggers Follow The Same Route To Success

Professional Bloggers too are of no exception. They are touching every alternative to ensure increased profit. The major areas of modifications you will notice in a commercialized Blog are – customized layouts, ad placements, link arrangements, content display, sidebar arrangement & order, content theme selection etc. There are so many ways blog owners are remodeling their blogs – all for better look and better functionality.

My Concerns

Being a professional blogger and an internet marketing freak I can very much understand how blogging concept is materializing into commercials. Well, I am not here to criticize the ways blogs are being treated or blogging industry is heading towards.

My objective is to find out if we, the professional bloggers are doing the right thing or not. Are we maintaining the decency a natural looking-blog should have? Do we really follow blogging etiquette? Isn’t it our responsibility to promote blogging interests among others? Can’t we ensure that all our purposes are being fulfilled in most holistic ways?

Well, I will come to this point later on this post.

Blogs Find A Strong Business Route

Now online advertisers are pouring money (like anything) into SEO developments for their websites. And, with no exception blogs have become a major marketing tool for them. Right from contextual link development, paid advertorials, paid reviews, do-follow comment links, blogroll links to banner ads – blogs are being over-used (Don’t guess the limit please) by everyone in web-community.

I am not against bloggers making money. Rather, I appreciate the way bloggers and website owners are finding new opportunities in a blog. Say it an exploitation of web-space or a stunning improvisation against conventions, the mutual effort looks prospering with days.

The recent addition is “Home Page contextual Link placement”. It is an extended version of blogroll link where the reference site link would only be visible on the home page, not inner pages. It is believed that permanent home page links offer greater SEO benefits, so are in high demand.

The ideas are simply great! Thanks to people who do researches on space utilization on such a minute level. Now blog owners are counting their colorful days. Money is flowing all around their desks and there seems to have no immediate halt.

But Is That Enough From Our Part?

An Honest Confession Is Required

Remember, neither blog was initiated with these marketing plans in mind nor it was supposed to be influenced by advertisers. But, scenario is different now.

Do You See Any Harm In It?

Is making business out of your blog a crime against ethical guidelines? Are you really exploiting web-space for your own profit?

Well, everybody is doing business over here. Me (the publisher), you (the advertiser) and they (our customers i.e. target audience) – all are here to find value for the effort and money being invested.

So, there is no point disregarding business aspects of a blog. You deserve to make money but not at the cost of efforts people make to reach and read you. Forget about search engine bots. They too are highly sensitive to relevancy factors, more than a human visitor is.

Therefore, you need to make sure that neither you extract the naturalness of your blog, nor you influence others to do it. Responsible bloggers must take initiatives to make blogging a clean and organized practice.

How Would That Be Possible?

Here are a few ways to look at:

  1. Maintain the decency of a blog layout. Give space for readers too. Your blog is not meant for advertisers but human visitors.
  2. Use the best navigation system. Don’t customize it to reinstate banner ads or third-party links. Readers must have a clean experience both in and out.
  3. Write content that actually serves reader’s purpose. Even if you are doing paid postings, make sure they have certain limitations. You can’t just fill your blog with paid reviews and promotional articles, just because you have no time to write fresh content or making money is your only goal.
  4. Maintain a ratio of 3:1 for non-paid and paid postings. Too much use of paid articles may divert your blog’s objective. If your blog seems to be deceptive to readers, you may loose potential traffic of your blog.
  5. Remove comment section from posts. You should never allow spammers to comment on a quality post. You will find most of the comments are irrelevant and carry a back link to their own sites. One should negate this practice and nurture good habits only.
  6. Blog content should be based on news, tips, tutorials like How, What, Why, where etc. It should cater to real people in their real need. How do you arrange it? If you are already earning a good amount from your blogs, spend a part of it in recruiting a dedicated blogger. Engage your writer to produce natural, user-friendly, fresh articles. Supplying quality stuffs from time to time will not only retain your reader base, but improve the number. Simply put, you are gaining both ways.

Don’t you feel the ways are simple to follow? Change is welcome (as I said earlier) whether it is in your marketing plan or your revenue model. But, it should never replace the originality. Your blog is worth what you are doing with it.

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