Are You Getting Enough Exposure As A Ghost Writer?

If you are good at penning down what you think and observe, Content writing is one of the most lucrative patronage for you in present day scenario. People who are blessed with this skill are making thousands of dollars every month.

Like every industry, the older you get, the worthier you become (in most of the cases). Experience gives you the clarity of what to write (what exactly your readers want to read), how to write (the composition), and for whom it should be written (choosing your Niche).

There is no shortage of work for good and even above average writers although Niche writers are always highly in demand. You can find number of websites where you can choose the kind of writing you want to accept. Views and reviews of your work establish you as a dependable writer. Established authors and some times celebrity bloggers may not have enough time to write in different websites including their own. This is because running multiple sites and also taking care of the promotion part can be too hectic to handle. But they don’t want to loose the potential income they can earn.

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Here is when Ghost writers are fetch in by the industry people. A ghostwriter is a pro writer who is kept behind the veil while he is paid to write content that is officially credited to another person. Ghost writers are hired on per post or monthly remuneration and they are given a work schedule with a strict time line. Ghost writing can be for writing an entire article or just to edit and give a more professional approach to the article.

Although Ghost authors are the one who have researched for the subject and have actually written it, but they can’t claim the work as their own because they are bound by certain terms and conditions and are also paid for it. While Ghost writer is a “Ghost” writer because he himself has chosen so but in spite of good remuneration, one question that knocks the door repeatedly is “are you getting enough exposure as a Ghost writer”?

Well, maybe not. Despite of respectable flow of income and work you still have to participate in the goose-fight every time a new project is floated on any outsourcing website. Reason being, there are number of content writers who bid on equally lower price. It’s then your online reputation which makes you stand apart. But what if no work has ever been published under your name?

Following Mentioned Points May Help You To Choose The Right Directon:

Don’t Bind Yourself In A Frame:

Get out of the frame and see the world with open eyes. Being a niche writer has its own advantages, but you should also be able to write on diversified topics. This will help you in earning as a Ghost writer while establishing yourself as a content writer.

Ghost Writer

Self Promotion:

You write articles for promotion of goods and services for your client, but have you ever written something to promote yourself. Try to get some of articles published under your name, even if you are not paid for writing the stuff. This will help in establishing your name in the market.

Ghost Writer

Analyze The Industry Demeanor:

Analyze how the industry is working and what are the latest trends. Keep yourself abreast in the news affecting the niche you are working in.

Read, Read and Read:

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad but there is no substitute to reading. The more you read, the more you learn. Reading not only brush up your writing skills, it also ads to your knowledge and you in the longer run reduces your research time for repetitive articles.

Ghost Writer

Listen To The Feedback:

Whether or not articles are published under your name, don’t ignore the comments pouring in. Remember no one is perfect. Checking feedback will add to your knowledge and help in not repeating the mistakes.

Ghost Writer

Choose Quality Over Quantity:

I know for most of us Ghost writing is just not the passion but the only source of earning bread and butter. But running after money will not let you grow as a writer. If you are opting for less but a quality work, it will be beneficial for you in the long run because readers don’t go for word count. They are interested in the Content.

Hope the above mentioned points will reinforce the things you already know but couldn’t implement because of time or money constraints. Utilize your free time in brushing your skills, the benefits of which will be reaped by you in the long run.

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