Animation And Web Design

In advertising and marketing, there’s a very basic principle that defines the needs of web design- Visibility. Animation is one of the most effective visual methods for promoting and enhancing the character of web designs.

This is a type of “visual SEO” for website visitors, a navigation aid, and a function tool as well.

As a matter of fact, the internet has been the catalyst for the reinvention of animation into multi media forms. In web design, animation has helped create a virtual juggernaut of new design concepts, and many new functions which are effectively changing the face of the net.

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Simplicity And A Global Stage

The actual animation functions in web design are actually very simple. Some forms of animation take about 30 lines of code and act like slideshows. Others are actual short movies. It’s the ability to develop them and turn them into tours de force and high impact visual experiences that’s taken off. Flash media monopolized animated web content for a long time, but that has changed forever. Now it’s open slather, and the net is becoming a much more wide open market for animators. That, in turn, means that:

Animation, The New Center Stage For Web Design Talent

Thanks to the huge new capabilities coming onstream in the market, web design is now using a much bigger palette than ever before. Animation is quite literally breathing life into web design, creating extremely useful, as well as graphically valuable design functions.

The list of new capabilities is indicative of a paradigm explosion based on what are essentially very simple functions:

  1. Animated Page Functions – The carousel is now becoming a mandatory form of web design feature, but they’ve also taken on extra functional dimensions, turning what used to be a rather static, not to say dull, basic design element into high value live entertainment. Carousels are actually miniature web pages, and they’ve created a good structural format for exceptionally effective site design and organization.
  2. 3DThree dimensional graphics are another current must-have function for any kind of animation, but as web design assets they provide tremendous scope for turning the most banal functions into things of beauty. Quality can be fabulous, and demand is outstripping supply in web design.
  3. Cartoons And Web Design – One of the oldest forms of animation has roared back to life with a torrent of cartoon functions for everything from advertising campaigns to “live logos” and animated site functions. Depending on the software and the mindset of the animator, anything is possible.

The Market For Animation In Web Design

The real revolution for animation is happening in the decision making environments. What’s happened is that the online market is now catching up with high quality media like movie animations, and the results are good enough to create a big demand for online animation.

That’s created a rather large stampede in the market for animators, and it’s turning into a gold rush for the freelancers and outsourcers. The prognosis is that this is just the beginning.

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