A Dummies Guide On Creating The Best Blog Ever

Everyone with a website knows the value of content, well; anyone who cares about where their website appears in the search engines knows the value of good quality content. One of the best ways of getting fresh content on your site on a regular basis is with a blog.

Most sites are starting to catch onto this now and more and more businesses are blogging. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as letting anyone with access to an internet connection write about whatever takes their fancy, the internet is full of enough rubbish as it is so you need to make sure you’re following a few simple rules to make sure your blog is working hard for you.

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So Why Do You Need To Blog In The First Place?

This could go on for a very long time so here are just a couple of reasons that should justify allocating some time to get your blog in top shape. We’ve already figured out search engines like fresh new content. Google likes to pride itself on its complex algorithm that returns the most relevant and precise information to match your original query. If you prove you’re making the effort to get new content on your domain on a regular and consistent basis you’re (theoretically) going to be rewarded with more chances to appear in more search engine results pages.

Blogs are meant to be slightly less formal in comparison to your main website. If you’re a corporate B2B serious business then you need your website to have a certain tone, it needs to be authoritative, professional and serious. Your blog does not. You blog is a chance to show your potential customers that there are actual human beings behind that wall of professional corporate seriousness and it gives you the likeability factor. This means your website traffic is more likely to stick around and the longer they stick around the more chance you stand of getting a conversion out of them.

Blogs help your reputation. If your website is just selling your products or services then it’s your products or services that are going to be at the heart of the site. You shouldn’t have any trouble convincing your traffic you know more about these than anyone else but you need to convince them you’re a complete authority on everything in your industry too. You can’t do this from your website but you can do it quite easily from your blog. Keep up to date on industry news, listen to what other people are saying and keep up to date with latest legislation. Blog about your thoughts on this, do you agree? Disagree? Why? Use your blog to establish yourself as a credible name.

Where Most People Fail

Now you know why you should be blogging and what it looks like when you’re doing it right, now it’s time to learn from other peoples mistakes. The number one reason most people fail at getting their blog up and running and making it work is commitment. There’s no problem getting posts out a couple of times a week for the first month or so but six months down the line the blog is forgotten. You need to make sure you’re updating your blog on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be every hour or once a day but try and keep it consistent. If you only have time for one post a week make sure you keep your output at one post a week. You can always encourage more content by opening it out to guest posts or assign your staff the task of one person each week writing a post.

Blogging is meant to be a social activity; you’re talking to your community so it’s rude not to answer them when they’re asking you questions. Always reply to any comments (but checking for spam of course) and set up some alert tools so you know when other people out there are talking about you or your industry, Google alerts and Twitter updates are a great way to stay up to date but again you’ve got to show it some commitment. Make sure there’s at least one person in your business that has half an hour a day just to reply to anything relevant. You never know, your next potential customer could be out there asking where you are.

Although we’ve already established you use your blog to inject some personality into your brand you can go too far. It’s a fine balance between writing something that isn’t going to knock an insomniac out cold and something that isn’t going to offend the most obnoxious of people. Be informal but be compelling, write headlines that are going to grab attention and don’t forget a jazzy picture or even a video to accompany your post.

Have Fun! Well, there you have it. I’ve been doing SEO for a few years now and noticed so many sites make these mistakes and they’re so easy to avoid (I may have even made a few of them myself back in the early days). Blogging can be a great way to express some creativity and kick back for a while so make sure you’re having fun!

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