10 Top Tools For Checking Duplicate Content

Doesn’t your heart aches when you saw an article originally written by you, being used or rather misused “as it is” or with “little jiggling of words” in some other site? You spend hours and sometimes even days to publish an article after intensive research only to see it being used in numerous other websites, without being acknowledging or informing you.

Well this is what Plagiarism is known as. To take care of this sensitive issue of Plagiarism there are certain tools available online that not only helps you check your content being published elsewhere with or without your knowledge but also helps you to check duplicate content on your website too.

Thus these duplicate checking tools are helpful both ways. You can check your content being copied elsewhere and on the other hand also let you know if your content writers are intentionally or unintentionally doing the same thing with you. We have included only those top Duplicate content checkers, which we thought, are useful to you, but you are always welcome to share any other important tool available online which we might have missed. By the way did we mention that all these Duplicate Content Checker tools are free to use, although you can always switch to pro version depending upon your utility.

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More Information on Copyscape

Virante Duplicate Content

Virante Duplicate Content

More Information on Virante Duplicate Content

Similar Page Checker

Similar Page Checker

More Information on Similar Page Checker

Dupe Free Pro

Dupe Free Pro

More Information on Dupe Free Pro



More Information on Plagium

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker

More Information on Dupli Checker

Article Checker

Article Checker

More Information on Article Checker



More Information on Plagiarisma

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

More Information on Plagiarism Checker

Dupe Cop

Dupe Cop

More Information on Dupe Cop

Copyright Spot

Copyright Spot

More Information on Copyright Spot



More Information on CopyGator

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  • Salman Saeed

    I am still on the way to decide whether to use a tool to check duplicate content, or not. Because I am a new blog :/

  • Benjie

    this is a wonderful share. :-)

  • Vince

    thx a lot ! this is a great list and one of them can check French content !!!

  • ryoosz

    nice share , i use one of thats tool . thats really a great tools

  • Nice post. Thanks for tools check duplicate content.

  • Thy for this list ! impossible to connect with Plagium.com :(

  • Art of Trading

    Thanks for this post! I Had made a mistake earlier posting double content in my website! After going though different website i found what exactly to do now :)

  • Thy for this list. Very useful.

  • Nice share…Now I can easily check my site for duplicate content..Thanks a lot :)

  • Thanks Rana and Slodive for sharing these useful and easy to use tools.

  • Noticed some lots of college teachers are using these types of tools to detect and somehow help help curb plagiarism. Heard that BlackBoard is trying to implement an inbuilt system to check duplicate content for term papers. Anyway these ones works so fine.

  • Duplicate is very clever term. In website billions of contents and many contents can be simipar of others. How can we define duplicate is very difficult and misleading task.

  • sumit

    Copyspace is the best tool to check duplication website content

  • Manuel Garcia

    Aside from copyscape, I know nothing. Thanks for introducing these tools.

  • Take a look at http://dupeoff.com as well, it can check google and bing at the same time.

  • according to my views “Plagiarisma” is the best tool ever for duplicate content checking.Today, I forgot the name of this tool, I searched in Google and find it in SloDive Blog. thanks – Sunalini

    Gagan Masoun

  • Kristen Howard

    Looking for a way to check two documents against each other that is free. Any thoughts?

  • Hi.. Sunalini Rana
    Plagiarisma and Copyscape both is good sources for checking contents

  • That is a good list, Can you please tell me any tool to check duplicate content of pages within the website. Like I have a website having more than 125000 pages and i want to check if there is a duplicated on somewhere, Can you please share thanks.

  • is there any good tool to check duplicate content using URL..

  • pp

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    any site/tool 2 check my content identic before posting

  • Hello, I also need to find some tool to check all the pages on my website. Not only paste text one to one to editor. Exist something like that ?

  • Jai

    I know one tool of this kind. It’s copyscape. I am acquainted of the other tools shown above. But nice share anyway.

  • These tools will surely help bloggers and writters when it comes to copyright. Thus, this must be shared.

  • Prabha

    These tools should be used by every blogger to keep their online content unique. This tool helps a lot.

  • Awesome..
    Helped to change a lot of things in my blog

  • awesome article. copyscapte is my favorite one. thanks author!

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  • This is very very important article about how to check free of cost article on net. Thanks for sharing this article.

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    Copyscape is the best tool for checking duplicate content.
    Thanks for sharing the list :)

  • Thanks for the comprehensive list. I use Copyscape for my blog.

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    I think Copyscape is the best of all.