The Top 10 Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs

In addition to being played by one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, Harley Quinn was one of the most beloved characters in the 2016’’s “Suicide Squad”, a movie sought out by Batman fanatics all over the world. And though this beautiful villain was well-known long before 2016, her popularity has since risen dramatically, so much that some people have even gotten her tattooed on their bodies.

While a few of the designs below may be a bit much for some people, others are very simple and extremely well done, in order to show the character’s amazing beauty. So, whether you are looking to get a Harley Quinn tattoo yourself or just a fan of the movie, the list below should certainly be of interest.

1. A Very Colorful Harley Quinn Arm Tattoo

This highly detailed arm sleeve features the heroic villain above an anarchy symbol, with some neat red and blue eye makeup.

A Very Colorful Harley Quinn Arm Tattoo

2. A Neat Harley Quinn Thigh Tattoo

Proven by the image below, Harley Quinn makes for not only a great movie character, but for a great thigh tattoo as well. In this specific design, she is wearing a “puddin” necklace, and holding a rather intimidating gun.

A Neat Harley Quinn Thigh Tattoo

3. A Throwback Harley Quinn Tattoo

This traditionally done black and red design of the original Harley Quinn shows just how well the character has evolved over the years.

A Throwback Harley Quinn Tattoo

4. Harley Quinn On One Leg, And The Joker On The Other

Apparently for some batman fans, getting a tattoo of just one character is not enough.

For those who have yet to see the new film, Harley Quinn and The Joker are in a relationship, which is most likely why these two designs were done side by side.

Harley Quinn On One Leg, And The Joker On The Other

5. Daddy’s Monster

This unique design adds some originality to Harley Quinn tattoos, by implementing a quote, as well as some highly detailed jewels.

Daddy’s Monster

6. Another Old Harley Quinn Design

Meant to emulate the old Batman comics, this design shows another old version of Harley Quinn, alongside Batman and a few other well-known characters.

Another Old Harley Quinn Design

7. A Full Portrait Of The Comic Book Harley

Instead of copying most of the other Harley Quinn designs and getting just her face, why not have her entire body tattooed onto you?

A Full Portrait Of The Comic Book Harley

8. Another Great Design Of Harley And The Joker

Though this one appears to feature the Joker from The Dark Knight (not the Joker from Suicide Squad), it helps to show just how well connected these two were throughout the entire series.

Another Great Design Of Harley And The Joker

9. A Classic Harley Quinn Forearm Tattoo

Very colorful, and very vintage! Certainly a great choice for old Batman fans.

A Classic Harley Quinn Forearm Tattoo

10. A Classic Harley Quinn, Standing In Front Of A Smiling Brick Wall

Not only is she holding a gun and wearing a neat black and red suit, but the painted wall appears to have the Joker smiling right back at her!

A Classic Harley Quinn, Standing In Front Of A Smiling Brick Wall

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