8 Hardcore 8 Ball Tattoos

Have you been thinking about getting a cool 8 Ball tattoo? If so, we have a little inspiration for you as we put together a list of 8 Hardcore 8 Ball Tattoos (how ironic). You’ll find various 8 Ball tattoos ranging from simple but sweet tattoos to highly colorful and advanced tattoos. We’ve even tried to ensure that we hit all the major body parts with this list which should be pretty obvious once you go through the list and see tattoos on the arms, neck, leg, etc. If you find a specific 8 Ball tattoo that you like more than the rest, be sure to let us know for future reference. After all, the only way that we can get better is with feedback from you, our much appreciated reader.

Now that we’re done babbling on about how much we like it when you stop by, we’re ready to get started this with awesome list. Are you? We certainly hope so because you’re going to walk away from this list with two things. The first thing that you’ll be leaving with is a few ideas for your very first (or next) 8 Ball tattoo. The second thing that you’ll be leaving with is an appreciation for how diverse tattoos for something as simple as a 8 Ball can be. Now, are you ready to get started for real this time? If so, scroll down and enjoy this cool list!

Neck 8 Ball Tattoo

The neck is a great spot for a cool 8 Ball tattoo!

8 ball tattoo

Simple 8 Ball Tattoo

Sometimes, the simplest of things are the sweetest.

simple 8 ball tattoo

8 Ball and Cards

What a great combination! A 8 ball and cards!

8 ball cards

Flaming 8 Ball

This 8 Ball tattoo is on fire. Literally!

flaming 8 ball

Unique 8 Ball Tattoo

What an extremely unique 8 Ball tattoo!

unique 8 ball tattoo

Colorful 8 Ball Tattoo

This 8 Ball tattoo is packed full of different colors!

colorful 8 ball tattoo

Amazing 8 Ball Tattoo

The only word for this 8 Ball tattoo is “amazing.”

amazing 8 ball tattoo

Smokin’ 8 Ball Tattoo

The last 8 Ball tattoo on our list is smokin’ hot!

8 ball

Now that we’ve made it through the list, we hope that you found what you were looking for. Some of these 8 Ball tattoos were cooler than others (which is 100% fine) and that’s entirely up to you to decide. You may not even want this kind of tattoo anymore which is also fine. Either way, we enjoyed putting this list together for you and hope that you’ll take the time to drop us a line in the comments section below. We absolutely love comments!

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