5 Crazy Cool Animal Tattoos

If you’re an animal lover or just think animal tattoos are cool like we do, you’re in luck! You see, we decided not to put together your typical list of Lion Tattoos or something similar. Instead, we took 5 of the coolest animal tattoos we could find and put them together in a neat little list for all of our readers. We also tried to include a little variety and give you both land animals as well as aquatic animals. Don’t worry though. We’ll have more lists like this in the near future and know that you won’t be disappointed with what we plan on bringing to the table.

So, with that being said, we hope you’ll take the time to scroll down and check out this list of 5 Crazy Cool Animal Tattoos. Again, each of the tattoos on this list showcase something truly unique (otherwise they wouldn’t be on our list) and stand out to us in a way that most tattoos don’t. If you like this list enough, we also hope that you’ll share it with your friends whether it be via Facebook or email. Now, if you’re ready to get started and are prepared to be blown away by these cool animal tattoos, scroll down and take a look at the sweet list below!

Cool Shark Tattoo Design

This is one Cool Shark Tattoo Design that is really well done and stands out!

shark tattoo
Shark Tattoo Design

Sweet Grizzly Bear Tattoo

What better way to show off your manhood than with a Sweet Grizzly Bear Tattoo?

grizzly bear tattoo
Grizzly Bear Tattoo

Amazing Octopus Tattoo Design

If you’ve ever looked for an Amazing Octopus Tattoo Design, this is definitely it!

octopus tattoo
Octopus Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo Design

This is an absolutely amazing Tiger Tattoo Design. Feel free to share this one with friends!

tiger tattoo
Tiger Tattoo

King Kong Style Gorilla Tattoo

Show your love for Mighty Joe Young or King Kong with this Gorilla Tattoo.

gorilla tattoo
Gorilla Tattoo

What a cool list, right? We think so too! As you now know, our list included cool animal tattoos such as those of gorillas, sharks, and even the dreaded octopus. There were a lot of tattoos of each of these animals out there so it was extremely tough to choose just one but we do have other lists just like this one that you can check out by visiting one of the links below. They may not included these exact animals but they will have some pretty cool animal tattoo designs for your viewing pleasure. Again, all you have to do is click one of the links below and you’ll be on your way to viewing some of the coolest animal tattoos on the planet. So, what are you waiting for?

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