5 Cool Tattoo Designs For Her

When it comes to finding tattoo designs for that special someone, SloDive is your go to site. You see, we always manage to find some of the coolest tattoo designs on the planets regardless of who they are for. They can be for men, women, or even your pets. If they are out there, we will find them. With that being said, we compiled this list of 5 Cool Tattoo Designs For Her based on what’s currently trending in the tattoo community and what the ladies tend to like. As you browse through this list, feel free to confide in your significant other to get their opinions on these tattoos. If they like them, they’ll probably like our other lists that we have on the site.

Now, one more thing before we move on. This list merely showcases our personal opinion on what looks good and what is cute. Your opinion may differ in which case we hope you’ll still consider checking out some of our other lists. We try to take a new approach with everything we do in order to cover more ground and give our readers some variety. All of the tattoo designs that you’ll find below are unique, cute, and will look great on just about anyone. The only thing you have to do is find a good tattoo artist that can pull it off and make it happen!

Cute Star Tattoo On Hip

This star tattoo is the first of many tattoo designs for her. What do you think?

star tattoo
Star Tattoo

Universal Rose Tattoo For Her

This tattoo is cute, classy, and looks good on just about anyone (even if not on the shoulder).

rose tattoo
Rose Tattoo

Cute Birds Tattoo

This cute birds tattoo on the shoulder area is small but still manages to stand out.

bird tattoo
Bird Tattoo

Cute Frog Tattoo

This is a cute frog tattoo that is pretty unique in style. It’ll bring out your inner hippie!

frog tattoo
Frog Tattoo

Pretty Flower Tattoo On Neck

This behind the ear (or neck) tattoo is small but cute. Girls will definitely love this one!

flower tattoo
Flower Tattoo

Now that you’ve finished our list of 5 Cool Tattoo Designs For Her, we hope that you’ve gotten an idea or two about what tattoo you want next (or what tattoo you want your lady to get). If you’re looking at this list for someone else, feel free to link them to the list so they can check out the tattoos as well. After all, sharing is caring, right? Anyways, take a few minutes and check out some of our other lists by visiting one of the links below and we promise that you won’t be disappointed. We have a ton of information to share with you and love to cover absolutely anything that is related to tattoos, tattoo designs, and the people behind the ink.

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