30 Awesome Batman Tattoo Designs

Something great that comes from Batman being re-made so many times, is the fact that so many new tattoo ideas and designs can be thought of, and whether they are from the old-school Batman cartoons or the most recent Dark Knight movie, they all look wonderful.

1. The Original Batman Logo

Instead of over-complicating things, some just go with the original Batman logo.


The Original Batman Logo

2. This Highly Detailed Masked Batman

Others prefer highly detailed designs such as this one.


Highly Detailed Masked Batman

3. Batman and The Joker from The Dark Knight

The only character who was more popular than Batman in the Dark Knight was The Joker. Therefore, having both of these guys together on one tattoo is not such a bad idea at all.


Batman and The Joker from The Dark Knight

4. The Bat Signal

Another great and incredibly popular design, Batman sending out a bat signal to notify the others.


5. This Baby Lego Batman

Before Batman grew to be an adult, he was just a small lego.


Baby Lego Batman

6. This Logo Shaped Chest Piece

One of the more popular places for Batman logos, and this design specifically.


Logo Shaped Chest Piece Tattoo

7. “I’m Batman”

A very straight and to the point Batman quote.


“I’m Batman”

8. Simple, Yet Great

Not too much detail, but still great visually.


Simple, Yet Great

9. Just Fighting Crime Atop This Building!

This one may take a few sessions to have done, however, it does look amazing.


Just Fighting Crime Atop This Building

10. This Batman With Vampire Teeth

I don’t think he had these in the movies.


Batman With Vampire Teeth Tattoo

11. A Flower Filled Batman Logo

A rather feminine design.


Flower Filled Batman Logo

12. The Joker Hiding In The Batman Logo

Inspired by 2008’s The Dark Knight, this tattoo design of the Joker is beloved by many.


The Joker Hiding In The Batman Logo

13. This Angry Batman

He doesn’t look too happy!


Angry Batman

14. Another Simple, Yet Very Aesthetically Pleasing Batman Tattoo

Proven by this design, sometimes when getting tattooed, less is more.


Simple, Yet Very Aesthetically Pleasing Batman Tattoo

15. From The Old School Batman Cartoons

The gang’s all here! A real throwback tattoo design for the old-school Batman fans.


Old-School Batman Cartoons Tattoo

16. This Very Small Batman Finger Logo

For those not looking to get too much ink, but still wanting a batman symbol somewhere on them, this tiny Batman logo would be a perfect choice.


Small Finger Batman Logo

17. This Very Detailed Batman Back Piece Tattoo

If you have some time (and money) to spare, then this design may be of interest.


Very Detailed Batman Back Piece Tattoo

18. Batman Ripping Through Your Chest

Here comes Batman, ripping right through your chest.


Batman Ripping Through Your Chest

19. There Are Bats Everywhere!

All resembling the original logo, these bats are flying all over your arm.


There Are Bats Everywhere Tattoo

20. For The Ladies

For any female Batman fans, this would be a great design choice. For males, not so much.


For The Ladies Batman Tattoo

21. Batman Tearing Through Your Arm

This design features the Batman logo tearing through your arm, and is actually somewhat popular amongst fans.


Batman Tearing Through Your Arm Tattoo

22. The Joker From The Dark Knight

Serving as many fans’ all-time favorite character, The Joker is seen on many Batman tattoo designs.


The Joker From The Dark Knight Tattoo

23. Very Cartoony 

Reminiscent of the old-school Batman cartoons, and also very easy for most tattoo artists to draw out.


Very Cartoony Batman Tattoo

24. Batman Kneeling

Batman just came in for a landing, right on your arm!


Batman Kneeling Tattoo

25. This Day Of The Dead Batman

Highly sought out during day of the dead celebrations, this design is culturally different than most others. However, it looks amazing.


Day Of The Dead Batman Tattoo

26. Batman and Catwoman

Not only for fans of Batman, but for fans of Catwoman as well. What a great couple they make!


Batman and Catwoman

27. This Rather Colorful Cartoon Batman Tattoo

While some prefer simple black and white designs, others enjoy a lot of color.


Colorful Cartoon Batman Tattoo

28. The Batman Quote

One of the most popular, and long remembered Batman quotes from the original movie.


The Batman Quote

29. For Men and Women

A great design for brother and sister, or perhaps boyfriend and girlfriend.


For Men and Women

30. Incredibly Muscular Batman

Certainly the most intimating Batman tattoo design of all.


Incredibly Muscular Batman


While some just enjoy the movies, die-hard fans go the extra mile and have Batman tattooed on them for life. And fortunately since there are so many different Batman movies, they are given a lot of different choices.

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