27 Misspelled Tattoos That Probably Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Here on Slodive, we usually try to highlight the more beautiful and breathtaking tattoo designs out there. Some days, though, it’s the bad tattoos that just get to you…particularly the misspelled tattoos!

Living with a misspelled tattoo has to be pure torture! On one hand, I feel bad for people with misspelled tattoos. They have to live with these misspelled atrocities and hope that either no one will notice or they’ll have enough mercy to not make them the butt of all jokes. On the other hand, though, I don’t fee bad for them at all. Tattoos are permanent, and when it comes to getting something permanent etched into your skin, wouldn’t you want to make sure it was perfect in every way before the tattoo artist got to work?

Whether you feel bad for people with misspelled tattoos or not one thing’s for sure—they sure are good for a few laughs! Unless it’s your tattoo, that is…

1. Mispelled Spell Check Tattoo

Not very many people get misspelled tattoos on purpose, but the red spell check line under this makes me think this may not have been an accident…

misspelled tattoosImage Source

2. No Regerts

No regerts, huh? I doubt that!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

3. Regret Nohing

Betcha he has at least one regret! On the plus side, at least he spelled “regret” right!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

4. Only God Will Juge Me

And everyone who sees that tattoo might judge you just a tad.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

5. Only God Can Fudge Me

So, you’re saying that no one else can fudge you? I think your tattoo artist already fudged you. He fudged you real good!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

6. Absolutely Ridioulous

I’m not sure that she wanted to be quite this absolutely ridiculous. But, at least she isn’t boring now!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

7. I’m Awesome

No; you’re not. Anyone walking around showing off misspelled tattoos is anything but awesome!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

8. Sweet Pee

Oh geez! Someone needs a lesson in homophones!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

9. Don’t Forget to Love Yorself

And next time, don’t forget to pick a tattoo artist that can spell!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

10. Dad’s Aingel

Nothing like some misspelled tattoos to honor your loved ones!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

11. My Mom is My Angle

Is she now? Acute or obtuse? Wait! No, don’t tell me—she’s just right!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

12. Thenks Mather

Yes, thenks, mather for giving this young man life! Without your sacrifice, we would have one less misspelled tattoo to gawk at.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

13. Your Next

I’m thinking that this tattoo would be a whole lot more ominous if it was actually spelled correctly.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

14. Beautiful Tradgedy

Oh, yeah! It’s a tradgedy alright…a tragedy that her tattoo artist didn’t have a dictionary handy.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

15. Vampier Life

I just have the urge to hashtag this for some reason! Just livin’ the #VampierLife

misspelled tattoosImage Source

16. Hail to the Theif

Com’on, now! How hard is it to remember “i before e, except after c“?

misspelled tattoosImage Source

17. Living is the Stronges Drug

And tattoos are the most permanent body art.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

18. Tomarrow Never Knows

Tomarrow may not know much, but I can pretty much guarantee that that tattoo will still be there tomorrow for the world to see!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

19. That Witch Does Not Kill Me

Really? I just wanna cry at this point…

misspelled tattoosImage Source

20. Ledgends Live On

They certainly do! And this tattoo could rightly become a legend in its own right!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

21. Never Loose Hope

Fantastic advice, even for people with misspelled tattoos! You might wanna lose one of those o’s, though…

misspelled tattoosImage Source

22. Babby Girl

And it’s on her neck, no less…

misspelled tattoosImage Source

23. Somke Weed

Hey, whatever floats your boat; I’m not one to judge. But, perhaps you shouldn’t smoke weed when running a tattoo gun…? Just a thought.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

24. The Systsem

Yeah! That’ll show ’em! Hard core, man!

misspelled tattoosImage Source

25. Noledge is Power

Yes, it certainly is. And consulting a trusty dictionary just adds to that power.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

26. Your Dicisions For Today

Unless, of course, you’re trying to dicide on whether or not you should go back to the same tattoo artist. Then, by all means, please factor in the past.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

27. Prome Queen

Queen of misspelled tattoos is more like it. Perhaps if she spent more time hitting the books than running for prome queen, she wouldn’t have this disaster on her back.

misspelled tattoosImage Source

Hopefully these misspelled tattoos have been a good lesson for you! Always double check your tattoo design before your tattoo artist gets to work! Or not… More misspelled tattoos floating around the Internet only serve as additional sources of amusement for the rest of us!

How do you get rid of misspelled tattoos? These 5 ways to fix a tattoo disaster is a great place to start, but you can also look into other tattoo fixes and tattoo cover ups.

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