26 Sweet and Meaningful Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas

Parents looking for a meaningful and unique tattoo to commemorate the birth of their child might want to consider a baby footprint tattoo. Because every person’s footprint is unique, parents can be sure that their baby footprint tattoos are as unique and individual as possible!

Baby footprint tattoos are often replicated from a child’s real footprint. They can also include names and date, as well as other artistic elements. Baby footprints can even be used as parts of larger images, like hearts and butterflies. A classic baby footprint tattoo is usually done in shades of black and gray, much like a real inked footprint. However, some parents opt for more colorful baby footprint tattoo designs; blue for boys and pink for girls, for instance.

If you’re looking for some baby footprint tattoo ideas, keep scrolling!

1. Name and Date Baby Footprint Tattoo on Forearm

A popular addition to baby footprint tattoo designs is the name and date of the child, and the forearm is a great place for fathers to get tattooed.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

2. Baby Footprint Tattoo on Side

Mothers might want to consider a baby footprint tattoo design on the side, along with the child’s name and birth date.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

3. Elegant Baby Footprint Side Tattoo

Pretty script can really make a baby footprint tattoo design super pretty on the ribs.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

4. Baby Footprint Chest Tattoo

Fathers might want to consider baby footprint tattoo on the chest, close to the heart.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

5. Sibling Baby Footprint Tattoos

Moms or dads with siblings might like a line of baby footprints with names.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

6. Matching Baby Footprint Wrist Tattoos

Two kids, two wrists? A perfect fit!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

7. Baby Footprint Shoulder Tattoo Design With Angel Wings

Add some angel wings to your baby footprint tattoo design to add a sweet touch to your little angel’s tattoo.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

8. Baby Footprint Angel Wings Wrist Tattoo

A baby footprint tattoo with angel wings can also fit nicely on the wrist.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

9. Baby Footprint Memorial Tattoo With Wings and Halo

Baby footprint tattoo designs also make amazing memorial tattoos if the unthinkable happens.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

10. Cute Baby Footprint Tattoo With Handprints

Add a couple handprints to your baby footprint tattoo for a cute and fun design.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

11. Baby Handprint and Footprint Tattoo

Baby’s handprint and footprint makes a perfect pairing in this sweet tattoo.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

12. Baby Footprint Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies made from baby footprints have to be some of the cutest tattoo ideas for moms!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

13. Pink Butterfly Baby Footprint Tattoo

Baby footprints also make great wings for a pretty pink butterfly.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

14. Handprint and Footprint Butterfly Tattoo

Combine baby handprints and footprints for another cute butterfly tattoo design, this time with the child’s name forming the body.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

15. Heart Baby Footprint Tattoo

A baby footprint makes an amazing half of a heart in this adorable heart tattoo for moms!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

16. Baby Footprints in a Heart Shape

Two baby footprints come together to make a cute heart shaped tattoo, a perfect symbol of a parent’s unconditional love!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

17. Small Baby Footprints in a Heart Tattoo

Names forming a heart shape surround these adorable little baby footprints in this small baby footprint tattoo.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

18. Pink and Blue Baby Footprint Tattoo

With pink and blue footprints, names, and dates, this baby footprint tattoo is perfect for a brother and sister!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

19. Colorful Baby Footprint Tattoo Design

If you need a little more color in your baby footprint tattoo, this design might be worth considering.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

20. Baby Footprint on Mom’s Foot

Mom can get a matching baby footprint tattoo on her own foot.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

21. Baby Footprints on Dad’s Feet

Of course, baby footprint tattoos are also great choices for foot tattoos for dads too!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

22. Baby Footprint Name Tattoo

Baby’s name written inside a baby footprint tattoo adds a sweet and unique touch.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

23. Baby Name in Footprints Tattoo

Or ut a baby name inside two footprints.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

24. Baby Footprint Quote Tattoo

The flowers and jewels in this cute baby footprint tattoo really add a gorgeous touch to the loving sentiment of the quote.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

25. Angel Quote Baby Footprint Tattoo

Combined with this angel quote, this baby footprint tattoo is bittersweet.

baby footprint tattooImage Source

26. Baby Footprint Love Tattoo

A pair of baby footprints forming the V in the word love in this side tattoo is a truly stunning work of art!

baby footprint tattooImage Source

Weren’t these baby footprint tattoos simply adorable? If you’re planning on getting a baby footprint tattoo, round up those baby footprints from your baby books and head out to see a good tattoo artist. This could be the most meaningful and beautiful tattoo that you ever choose to get!

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