24 Fearsome Shark Tattoo Ideas

The shark is one of the world’s most feared animals. With rows of sharp jagged teeth, massive size, and crazy speed, sharks are one of the oceans’ deadliest predators, second only to killer whales possibly. Because of this, it’s no wonder that the sight of a shark fin or murky shadow is enough to make anyone’s blood run cold. Ever since man first set out to tame the wild oceans of the world, sharks have struck fear into our hearts.

Despite being almost perfect killing machines, many people are just as fascinated with sharks as they are afraid of them. Those who respect or even fear sharks are perfect candidates for shark tattoo designs.

A shark tattoo can symbolize a a number of things, including power, perpetual motion, success, health, mystery, a calculating demeanor, and primal instincts. Some cultures and people also view sharks as very spiritual animals. The symbolism and meaning behind a shark tattoo really depends on the person getting the tattoo.

If you’re looking for a meaningful shark tattoo of your own, settling on a design can be tough. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a nice collection of shark tattoos to give you a little inspiration…

1. Fearsome Cartoon Shark Tattoo

Even cartoon sharks are pretty frightening, especially with those massive teeth!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

2. Shark With Top Hat Tattoo

Doesn’t this shark look dapper with his top hat and monocle?

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

3. Shark Hand Tattoo

A shark tattoo that appears to be bursting out of your hand is definitely unsettling…

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

4. Realistic Shark Hand Tattoo

…but this much more realistic version is pretty terrifying!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

5. Shark Drawing Tattoo

This shark tattoo has a pretty amazing artistic feel to it!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

6. Shark Burst Through Skin

This shark tattoo on the hands is unique, creative, and a bit creepy!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

7. Shark Bursting Through Neck Tattoo

But not as frightening and creepy as this shark tattoo on the neck! Or should I say through the neck…?

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

8. Geometric Shark Tattoo

The geometric lines and pattern on this tattoo can’t disguise the fearsome predator in it!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

9. Geometric Crystal Shark Tattoo

A blue crystal-like hammerhead shark tattoo is chilling, but also very beautiful!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

10. Colorful Tribal Shark Tattoo

The deep colors and tribal design give this shark tattoo a truly unique look.

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

11. Tribal Hammerhead Arm Tattoo

Tribal hammerhead shark tattoos are some of the most beautiful tribal tattoo designs out there!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

12. Tribal Hammerhead Chest Tattoo

A tribal hammerhead shark tattoo design on the chest just below the arm is amazing and sure to get a few compliments!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

13. Circling Tribal Hammerhead Sharks Tattoo

Three circling hammerhead sharks is a nice alternative to just one single tribal hammerhead shark tattoo!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

14. Tribal Shark Shoulder Tattoo

This tribal shark tattoo stretches across the back and shoulder, making his way down the man’s arm!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

15. Simple Shark Tattoo Outline

If you’re looking for a small shark tattoo, this simple shark outline tattoo would look great just about anywhere on the body!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

16. Large Shark Hip Tattoo

A large black and white shark tattoo can look striking, especially one large enough to cover the hip and side!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

17. Great White Tattoo on Bicep

Even in black and white, the Great White looks fearsome and astonishing!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

18. School of Sharks Tattoo

One shark tattoo can be a little unsettling, but imagine seeing an entire school of them! This would be a great tattoo for someone who’s unable to pick a favorite shark!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

19. Staring Great White Tattoo

Seeing a Great White shark staring at me in a tattoo is unsettling enough; I can’t imagine seeing one in real life!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

20. Realistic Great White Tattoo

This photo-realism shark tattoo is enough to turn a few heads!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

21. Ocean Scene With Shark Tattoo

An entire ocean scene as a tattoo is stunning, but the shark takes center stage in this one!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

22, 23 & 24. Shark From Jaws Tattoos

And, finally, we have a nice little selection of amazing shark tattoos inspired by the granddaddy of all shark movies—Jaws!

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

shark tattoo ideasImage Source

If you’re looking for some more great shark tattoo design ideas, head over and check out these 12 Scary Shark Tattoos For 2015 and 30 Stunning Shark Tattoo Designs! You might also like these 35 Sexy Anchor Tattoos and 35 Great Polynesian Tattoos!

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