19 Lucky Shamrock Tattoo Designs

Shamrocks have long been a symbol of Irish roots and good luck. People proud of their Irish roots or people just in need of a little luck might consider shamrock tattoo designs.

Shamrock tattoos, like the real plants, can have either three of four leaves, depending on the person’s preference. Three-leaf shamrocks are much more common, but the rare four leaf shamrock is widely believed to be extremely lucky. Shamrock tattoos can range from small and simple to large and more complex. Shamrock tattoos with one single plant are quite common, but tattoo designs with several plants can look pretty amazing! Shamrocks can also be combined with other elements in a tattoo, like crosses and Celtic knots.

Looking for some shamrock tattoo designs? Take a look at these designs for a little inspiration…

1. Shamrock Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is an awesome place for your lucky shamrock tattoo!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

2. Realistic Shamrock Tattoo

Realistic shamrock tattoo designs are pretty enough to be placed just about anywhere on the body.

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

3. Triple Shamrock Tattoo Design

If just one shamrock is lucky, imagine how fortunate you’d be with three of them tattooed on you!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

4. Decorative Shamrock Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for shamrock tattoo designs for women, this sweet decorative option is a fantastic option!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

5. Ladybug and Shamrock Tattoo

A cute little ladybug hanging out on this shamrock wrist tattoo is a nice little change from your typical shamrock tattoo designs.

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

6. Behind the Ear Shamrock Tattoo

A peek of a little green shamrock behind the ear is enough to pique anyone’s interest!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

7. Skull Shamrock Tattoo

For a wicked twist on a shamrock tattoo design, this artist did an amazing job of combining skull and shamrock tattoo designs!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

8. Irish Shamrock Tattoo Design

Show off your Irish roots with pride with a shamrock shaped Irish flag!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

9. Green and Black Shamrock Tattoo

Black ink really makes the green and gold design of this Celtic shamrock pop!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

10. Shamrock With Triquetras

Three triquetras fit beautifully into this shamrock with three leaves tattoo.

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

11. Celtic Knot Shamrock Memorial Tattoo

Shamrock tattoo designs can also be used as elements in Irish or Celtic memorial tattoos.

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

12. Shamrock and Threaded Needle Tattoo

Here’s one of the more clever and unique shamrock tattoo designs on this list, and it’s definitely not a shamrock design that you’d see often!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

13. Knotted Celtic Shamrock Tattoo

An intricate knotted Celtic design shaped like a shamrock makes for a beautiful Irish tattoo design!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

14. Devilish Shamrock Tattoo

If you’re Irish roots get you into a little trouble now and again, perhaps some more devilish shamrock tattoo designs are what you’re looking for.

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

15. Crowned Shamrock Tattoo Design

Does a little gold crown on a shamrock tattoo symbolize Irish royalty?

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

16. Horseshoe and Shamrock Tattoo

Have double the luck with horseshoes and shamrocks!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

17. Tribal Cross and Shamrock Tattoo

A large tribal cross design on the back makes a breathtaking backdrop for a cute little four leaf shamrock!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

18. 3D Ripped Shamrock Tattoo Design

This 3D shamrock tattoo is simply magnificent, both in design and application!

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

19. Shamrock Inner Lip Tattoo

If you’re really looking for some truly unique shamrock tattoo designs, there are always inner lip tattoos…

shamrock tattoo designsImage Source

Shamrock tattoo designs, like all other tattoo designs, are quite personal and individual. Although it’s great to look at other shamrock tattoos for inspiration, it’s also important to pick a unique and original design for your own tattoo. A good tattoo artist can design you an original shamrock tattoo design based on your wants and needs. Be sure to choose a qualified and experienced tattoo artist with good recommendations.

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