19 Intriguing Key Tattoo Design Ideas

We typically keep our most valuable possessions under lock and key, literally and figuratively. Our money, our jewelry, and even our hearts can be protected by a lock and key. The fact that something is so valuable that it needs to be kept locked up makes it even more intriguing. Maybe that’s why key tattoo design ideas are coveted by some people.

Key tattoo designs come in many forms, from old fashioned keys to more modern keys. However, old fashioned skeleton keys are by far the most popular types of key tattoos. These can range from simple designs to extremely ornate designs. Keys shaped as hearts are also quite popular, especially with women, and some key tattoo designs even include heart shaped locks.

If you’re looking for a unique key tattoo design for yourself, take a look at these key tattoos for a little inspiration!

1. Finger Key Tattoo

A small finger key tattoo is a cute and inconspicuous tattoo design for someone looking for something subtle.

key tattoo designImage Source

2. Hip Keys Tattoo

Two skeleton keys decorate these beautiful hips!

key tattoo designImage Source

3. Name and Key Tattoo Design

This beautiful key tattoo design includes a gorgeous name banner for someone special!

key tattoo designImage Source

4. Keyhole and Key Tattoo Design

This key tattoo design on the wrist also includes a keyhole.

key tattoo designImage Source

5. Set of Keys Tattoo

If one key isn’t quite enough, you can also get a set of keys tattooed on you.

key tattoo designImage Source

6. Key and Ribbon Tattoo

A pretty pink ribbon adds some girlish charm to a fancy skeleton tattoo design!

key tattoo designImage Source

7. Heart Key Shoulder Tattoo

A heart shaped key tattoo design is completed beautifully with the “Follow your heart” quote.

key tattoo designImage Source

8. Tree Key Tattoo Design

An elaborate tree design makes a beautiful and unique addition to this awesome key tattoo design!

key tattoo designImage Source

9. Skull Skeleton Key Tattoo

A skull seems like a fitting addition to this skeleton key tattoo, doesn’t it?

key tattoo designImage Source

10. Butterfly Key Tattoo Design

Delicate butterfly wings on this key make it a very attractive and feminine key tattoo design for women.

key tattoo designImage Source

11. Clock Key Tattoo

Clocks and keys are great whimsical and old fashioned tattoo designs, and the two together make for a smashing design!

key tattoo designImage Source

12. White Key Tattoo Design

A little white key tattoo on the wrist is barely noticeable, but it makes a big impact!

key tattoo designImage Source

13. Simple Heart Key Wrist Tattoo

Here’s a pretty simple heart shaped key tattoo design on the wrist that makes a bold statement.

key tattoo designImage Source

14. Fancy Key Tattoo

Key tattoo designs can also be super fancy and pretty gorgeous!

key tattoo designImage Source

15. Eternity Key Tattoos

These matching heart shaped key and lock tattoos are great for lovers who want to spend eternity next to each other!

key tattoo designImage Source

16. Realistic Foot Key Tattoo

Realistic key tattoos such as this foot tattoo are very striking and pretty amazing!

key tattoo designImage Source

17. Word in Key Tattoo

A single word or short phrase can also be incorporated into a simple key tattoo design.

key tattoo designImage Source

18. Small Behind the Ear Key Tattoo

A tiny key tattoo behind the ear is sweet and cute, and a great option for the ladies!

key tattoo designImage Source

19. Heart Lock and Key Tattoo

A heart shaped lock and heart shaped key make great matching tattoo designs for loved ones, and the realistic detail in these is simply amazing!

key tattoo designImage Source

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