14 Clever and Funny Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos aren’t all too common. When getting inked, many people choose other areas of the body, such as the arm, back, shoulder, legs, or chest. However, finger tattoos definitely shouldn’t be passed over without a second thought!

Smaller designs work well for a finger tattoo, simply because the size of the fingers does not allow for larger, more detailed designs. However, that doesn’t mean that these small tattoos can’t have a big impact. In fact, a finger tattoo can be pretty funny or clever! Take a look at these funny and clever finger tattoos to see what I mean…

1. Air Quotes Finger Tattoo

Quotation marked tattooed right on the fingers might just make air quotes a little less annoying, don’t you think?

finger tattoosImage Source

2. Ruler Tattoo on Finger

You might never need a ruler again if you opt for clever finger tattoos like this. Unless you have to measure something over a few inches long, that is.

finger tattoosImage Source

3. Scissors Finger Tattoos

Too bad these scissor hand and finger tattoos don’t work like the ruler, though. You’d be all set for arts and crafts!

finger tattoosImage Source

4. Lipstick Finger Tattoo

Make sure your lipstick and nail polish natch, and you’re sure to blow someone’s mind a little with this clever finger tattoo!

finger tattoosImage Source

5. Shhh! Finger Tattoo

If this doesn’t get the point across, I’m not sure what will!

finger tattoosImage Source

6. Handlebar Mustache Tattoo

Yes, we’re all a little sick of all the mustache stuff by now, but this is still pretty cute. And, if the mustache fad ever makes a serious comeback, this guy will be ready!

finger tattoosImage Source

7. Finger Tattoos With Tears

You can use these interesting tear finger tattoos when you’re actually bummed and when you want to be a snarky jerk! Double whammy!

finger tattoosImage Source

8. Fish On Finger Tattoos

Fish on! These fishing rod and fish finger tattoos will definitely get some compliments even from people who don’t fish!

finger tattoosImage Source

9. Bow and Arrow Finger Tattoos

Put these little bow and arrow finger tattoos together for a clever little tattoo design!

finger tattoosImage Source

10. Light Saber Finger Tattoos

Because why wouldn’t you want the means to have a light saber dual any time you wanted?

finger tattoosImage Source

11. Skull Smoking Cigarette Tattoo Design

The Surgeon General probably wouldn’t agree, but I think these finger tattoos are pretty awesome! They’d even be pretty cool if you didn’t smoke.

finger tattoosImage Source

12. Elephant Hand and Finger Tattoo

The clever placement of this elephant tattoo is pretty much perfect!

finger tattoosImage Source

13. Funny Amputated Finger Tattoo

This tattoo on an amputated finger is more amusing than it is clever…

finger tattoosImage Source

14. Clever Amputated Finger Nail Tattoo

…and this finger tattoo is pretty clever!

finger tattoosImage Source

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