18 Clever Nerdy Tattoo Designs for Brainiacs

During the 80’s and 90’s, the words “geek” and “nerd” were considered to be negative terms. Oddly enough, an interest in learning or technology, or even a high intellect, was considered to be “uncool”. With the rise of technology and the need for tech savvy individuals, though, nerds and geeks seem to have gone from the bottom of the totem pole to the top.

Being a nerd is less of a shameful identifier these days. In fact, many people like to flaunt the fact that they are nerdy. In short, being a modern nerd is not only acceptable, but it’s cool!

Nerdy tattoos are also becoming quite popular among the tech savvy, mathematically inclined, and science junkies. For many, a nerdy tattoo is a way to express their individuality and skills. A nerdy tattoo is worn as a badge of honor and proudly displayed.

There are all sorts of nerdy tattoo ideas out there. Depending on your interests, a nerdy tattoo can include technological symbols, mathematical equations, or scientific elements. Some nerdy tattoos take all of the guesswork out, though, and simple proclaim that the wearer is round to be a nerd, much like the first two tattoos on this list!

1. Nerd Life Tattoo

Power up! The thug life is out, and the nerd life is in!

nerdy tattooImage Source

2. USB Nerd Pride Tattoos

No one can make the mistake of not recognizing you as a nerd (and proud of it!) with matching nerdy tattoos on the thumbs, complete with USB symbols.

nerdy tattoo ideas 2Image Source

3. Wi-Fi Nerdy Tattoo

A nerdy tattoo with full wi-fi bars might be a hit with Internet junkies. Wouldn’t it be great if this nerdy tattoo allowed you to actually connect too?

nerdy tattooImage Source

4. Website HTML Tattoo

Website designers might be the only ones that would fall in love with this nerdy tattoo, and it’s pretty clever!

nerdy tattooImage Source

5. PHP Coding Tattoo

You know you’re a web designer if you can read this nerdy tattoo!

nerdy tattooImage Source

6. Binary Code Tattoo

This block of seemingly random zeros and ones might seem pointless to most, but hardcore tech junkies are sure to appreciate it!

nerdy tattoo ideas 6Image Source

7. Mouse Pointer Nerdy Tattoos

Please wait while this nerdy tattoo loads…

nerdy tattooImage Source

8. Lorem Ipsum Tattoo

Anyone familiar with website design has probably seem the Lorem Ipsum placer text, and might even have the block of Latin memorized.

nerdy tattooImage Source

9. Nerdy Definition Tattoo

There are even some great nerdy tattoo designs out there for the word nerds among us!

nerdy tattooImage Source

10. Tree DNA Tattoo

Here’s a gorgeous artistic spin on a double helix DNA tattoo.

nerdy tattooImage Source

11. Neuron Nerdy Tattoo

As far as nerdy tattoos go, this neuron tattoo will really make you think…

nerdy tattooImage Source

12. Nerdy Atom Tattoo

Interestingly enough, this atom tattoo is made from…atoms!

nerdy tattooImage Source

13. Large Atom Tattoo

Another great nerdy tattoo for the atomic physicists among us!

nerdy tattooImage Source

14. Periodic Table Tattoo

Who knew that thorium, indium, and potassium were so thought provoking?

nerdy tattooImage Source

15. Dopamine Chemical Bond Tattoo

You might not know what this chemical bond tattoo stands for if you’re not too much of a chemistry nerd, but you can bet that it probably makes the wearer pretty happy!

nerdy tattooImage Source

16. Pi Nerdy Tattoo

I swear, pi has become the ultimate symbol for nerds everywhere, and it’s almost cliche. But, that doesn’t stop this from being a pretty awesome nerdy tattoo design!

nerdy tattooImage Source

17. Euler’s Formula Math Tattoo

I wonder how Leonhard Euler would feel if he knew that his mathematical works became a nerdy tattoo centuries later.

nerdy tattooImage Source

18. Golden Spiral Tattoo

The Golden Spiral tattoo is both a beautiful piece of art and quite a nerdy tattoo!

nerdy tattooImage Source

Did you find a little inspiration for your own nerdy tattoo? Remember that these nerdy tattoos are meant to be nothing more than ideas and inspiration. For your own nerdy tattoos, you can choose any element that means something to you. A talented and experienced tattoo artist can help you come up with the perfect tattoo to help you express your nerdy side. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you also had a nerdy tattoo artist as well…

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