16 Graceful Stingray Tattoo Designs

The stingray is an unusual and fascinating marine animal. Its wing-like fins make it graceful and efficient in the water, and it has several other features that make it great as a hunter and elusive as the hunted. With all of its great attributes, it’s not a wonder why someone would choose a stingray tattoo!

Unlike some other tattoo symbols that have clear cut and dry meanings, the stingray means different things to different people. For some, this aquatic animal holds cultural significance. The stingray can also symbolize power, grace, and protection.

Stingray tattoos are popular in Polynesian culture, usually as a tribal tattoo design. However, that doesn’t mean that stingray tattoos can’t make awesome mainstream tattoos. In this list, you’ll see all sorts of fantastic examples of stingray tattoo designs, from tribal designs to more realistic designs.

1. Colorful Stingray Tattoo

Stingray tattoos can look simply amazing with bright colors blended together.

stingray tattooImage Source

2. Stingray New School Tattoo

The bold outlines and vivid colors give this stingray tattoo a distinct new school feel.

stingray tattooImage Source

3. Black and Gray Watercolor Tattoo

These stingray shoulder tattoos look smashing in a black and gray watercolor tattoo style!

stingray tattooImage Source

4. Polynesian Stingray Shoulder Tattoo

A beautiful shoulder deserves a beautiful tattoo, and this fancy Polynesian stingray tattoo designs fits the bill quite nicely!

stingray tattooImage Source

5. Tribal Stingray and Turtle Tattoo

A turtle pairs nicely with a stingray in this awesome tribal tattoo design!

stingray tattooImage Source

6. Simple Ray and Shark Tribal Tattoo

Here’s a simpler version of a stingray tribal tattoo, this time paired with a shark.

stingray tattooImage Source

7. Stingray Hip Tattoo

The realistic stingray tattoo here is sexy and sultry.

stingray tattooImage Source

8. Stingray Rib Tattoo

The rib cage is a great location for large stingray tattoos!

stingray tattooImage Source

9. Realistic Stingrays Tattoo

This beautiful underwater scene depicts a serene and gorgeous moment captured with a school of stingrays.

stingray tattooImage Source

10. Simple Stingray Tattoo Design

Not all stingray tattoos have to be detailed and realistic to be beautiful…

stingray tattooImage Source

11. Small Stingray Foot Tattoo

Here’s another great example of a small and simple stingray tattoo.

stingray tattooImage Source

12. Large Stingray Back Tattoo

If small tattoos aren’t your style, stingray tattoos also look pretty smashing as very large designs.

stingray tattooImage Source

13. Stingray Shoulders Tattoo

Spreading the stingray fins across the shoulders and trailing the tail down the back makes for an impressive tattoo design.

stingray tattooImage Source

14. Spotted Stingray Tattoo

This spotted stingray glides gracefully across this shoulder.

stingray tattooImage Source

15. Stingray Foot Tattoo

The soft, subtle colors in this stingray foot tattoo create a calm and beautiful scene.

stingray tattooImage Source

16. Matching Stingray Foot Tattoos

Two tattoos on each foot come together to make two halves of a beautiful whole.

stingray tattooImage Source

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