16 Amazing Throat Tattoo Designs

Throat tattoos are a source of conflicting opinions among body art lovers. Some find them beautiful and amazing pieces of artwork, while others shudder at the mere thought of a tattoo on the throat. In fact, few things can elicit shudders and looks of horror like a throat tattoo for some people. But, of course, there are always those in the middle of the road, who like them but couldn’t or wouldn’t get one themselves. No matter what your opinion, though, you have to admit that some throat tattoo designs are quite striking and beautiful!

Take a look at these throat tattoo designs to see what I mean…

1. Unalome Throat Tattoo

Unalome designs may be quite simple, but they make wonderful throat tattoo designs!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

2. Optical Illusion Throat Tattoo

Throat tattoo designs are sure to turn a few heads, but this optical illusion tattoo on the throat is probably enough to make people stop dead in their tracks!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

3. Crossed Wrenches Throat Tattoo

For the mechanics searching for throat tattoo designs, this crossed wrench design is pretty wicked, especially with the “Working Class” addition!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

4. Bat Throat Tattoo

Nocturnal ladies and gents might be able to relate to this bat throat tattoo.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

5. Gem and Lace Choker Tattoo

Here’s a beautiful example of a choker tattoo with black lace and a large detailed gem.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

6. Portrait Throat Tattoo

Portraits aren’t your typical throat tattoo designs, but after seeing this one, I think there should be more like it.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

7. Anchor Throat Tattoo

A classic anchor tattoo makes a unique appearance in this throat tattoo design.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

8. Owl Throat Tattoo

The piercing eyes of this detailed owl in this throat tattoo are definitely captivating.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

9. Apple Throat Tattoo

There’s something about this apple tattoo on the throat that’s just breathtaking!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

10. Hole in Throat Tattoo

As gruesome as some hole in the throat tattoo designs can be, this one os really quite beautiful in its own way.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

11. Sword Throat Tattoo

This sword throat tattoo design would actually be quite perfect for a sword swallower!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

12. Butterfly Throat Tattoo

The ladies might be interested in some butterfly throat tattoo designs.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

13. Anatomical Heart Throat Tattoo

This tattoo give a whole new meaning to having your heart in your throat!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

14. Red Eye Skull Throat Tattoo

Creepy and striking, this skull throat tattoo with red eyes is a nice choice if you’re looking for something a little macabre.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

15. Butterfly and Red Skull Throat Tattoo

Skulls are popular throat tattoo designs, and here’s another amazing example, this time with some feminine elements for the ladies.

throat tattoo designsImage Source

16. Tribal Throat Tattoo

Bold black lines in this tribal tattoo on the throat are enough to get a few second looks when you’re out in public for sure!

throat tattoo designsImage Source

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