25 Pretty Tattoos for Women

In the not so distant past, tattoos weren’t seen as socially acceptable as they are today; and that’s putting it mildly. Men with tattoos were seen as drunken sailors, dirty bikers, or just plain bad boys. They were perceived as dangerous and frightening, and definitely people that the mainstream middle class didn’t want to associate with. And tattoos for women? That was strictly taboo!

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way sicne then! Not only are tattoos more common today, they are becoming much more acceptable. The tattoo industry is a robust industry that continues to grow, and tattoos for women make up a huge chunk of revenue for many tattoo parlors. In fact, according to some studies, slightly more women have tattoos than men. Tattoos for women are often as unique and interesting as the people that wear them. They can be meaningful, symbolic, or just plain fun. Unlike some of the rough and gory tattoos chosen by men, though, tattoos for women are usually more feminine and delicate, what most people would call pretty. And there’s nothing wrong with that! After all, what woman doesn’t like a little beauty in her life?

If you’re on the hunt for pretty tattoos for women, you’ve come to the right pace! We’ve rounded up some very pretty tattoos for the ladies!

1. Hummingbird and Orchid Tattoo

A delicate bird hovering near an equally delicate and intrinsically feminine flower makes a beautiful tattoo for women!

tattoos for womenImage Source

2. Stained Glass Rose Tattoo Design

Roses are traditional tattoos for women, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, this stained glass rose tattoo design might be an option.

tattoos for womenImage Source

3. Flowery Elephant Tattoo

Tattoos for women on the back have become very popular, and this flowered elephant tattoo design is a gorgeous, yet simple, option!

tattoos for womenImage Source

4. Feminine Anchor Tattoo for Women

Anchor tattoos aren’t just for men anymore; this feminine ankle anchor tattoo is a nice sweet option for women!

tattoos for womenImage Source

5. Love Yourself Heart Word Tattoo

Heart tattoos for women with words incorporated into them are quite popular these days, but this one sends a strong message that everyone needs to be reminded of from time to time!

tattoos for womenImage Source

6. Blue Behind the Ear Flower Tattoo

Tiny behind the ear tattoos are some of the most adorable tattoos for women!

tattoos for womenImage Source

7. Lower Back Tree Tattoo

If you’re looking for lower back tattoos for women, here’s a unique and interesting tree silhouette design.

tattoos for womenImage Source

8. Butterfly Footprint Tattoos for Women

Some of the most requested tattoos for women are for mothers. These footprint butterfly tattoos are a super sweet way to honor your little ones!

tattoos for womenImage Source

9. Blue Flower and Line Sleeve Tattoo for Women

Sleeve tattoos for women can be very feminine and whimsical.

tattoos for womenImage Source

10. Pretty Red Flower Half Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve and half sleeve tattoos for women can also be very colorful and feminine.

tattoos for womenImage Source

11. Lily Flower Side Tattoo

These lily flowers make a stunning woman’s side tattoo!

tattoos for womenImage Source

12. Quote Tattoo With Feather

Meaningful quotes are also popular tattoos for women, and they can be prettied up a bit with some fancy script and decorative elements like feathers.

tattoos for womenImage Source

13. Colorful No Line Deer Tattoo

Tattoos for women can still be stunning, even without outlines, and this colorful deer tattoo is a fantastic example!

tattoos for womenImage Source

14. Honesty Key Tattoo

Honesty is the key to happy and healthy relationships after all.

tattoos for womenImage Source

15. Pink Feather Shoulder Tattoo

A bright pink feather tattoo draped across the shoulder is sexy and sweet.

tattoos for womenImage Source

16. Cute Red Bow Neck Tattoo

Add a girly touch with a pretty red bow tattoo on your neck.

tattoos for womenImage Source

17. Black Lace Bow Tattoo

Or a sultry and sexy touch with a black lace bow.

tattoos for womenImage Source

18. Garter Belt With Gun Tattoo

Very few men can pull off a garter belt tattoo with a pink pistol!

tattoos for womenImage Source

19. Sun Design Back Tattoo

A simple sun design has a big impact when placed on the upper back.

tattoos for womenImage Source

20. Peacock Shoulder Tattoo for Women

A beautiful and majestic peacock tattoo design graces an even more beautiful shoulder.

tattoos for womenImage Source

21. Butterfly Shaped Tiger Tattoo

Butterflies and tigers are both popular tattoos for women, and combined the two make an awesome design!

tattoos for womenImage Source

22. Dandelion and Bird Foot Tattoo

Dandelions and birds are also popular tattoos for women, and a combination of the two make a beautiful foot tattoo!

tattoos for womenImage Source

23. Feather Anklet Tattoo

A permanent feather anklet tattoo is graceful and feminine draping down the foot.

tattoos for womenImage Source

24. Tribal Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

This gorgeous butterfly tattoo looks even more amazing with some strategically placed rhinestones.

tattoos for womenImage Source

25. Flower and Raven Thigh Tattoo

A black raven and red flowers are an exquisite pairing on this woman’s thigh tattoo!

tattoos for womenImage Source

These pretty tattoos for women are just the tip of the iceberg! There are endless tattoo designs for women out there, and many of them haven’t even been drawn up yet! If you want a completely unique and individual pretty tattoo design, work with a talented tattoo artist who can draw an original and meaningful design for you.

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