15 Unique Negative Space Tattoos

Negative space tattoos refer to tattoos in which the main part of the design is not ink,, but uncovered skin. These are unique and original tattoo designs and are usually quite eye catching.

If you’re looking for an original and interesting tattoo, a negative space tattoo design is definitely worth some consideration. Typically, black ink is used to surround the negative space in this type of tattoo. However, one or more colors can also be used for an even more unique design.

Check out these negative space tattoos to see what they’re all about!

1. Negative Space Stars Tattoo

A negative space design is an interesting twist on a simple star tattoo design!

negative space tattoosImage Source

2. Music Note Negative Space Tattoo

Music lovers and more will fall in love with this negative space treble clef tattoo!

negative space tattoosImage Source

3. Negative Space Anchor Tattoo

A classic anchor tattoo gets a modern twist with this negative space design.

negative space tattoosImage Source

4. Splattered Negative Space Anchor Tattoo

Here’s an awesome artistic version of a negative space anchor tattoo.

negative space tattoosImage Source

5. Negative Space Panda Tattoo

A colorful design makes for a gorgeous panda negative space tattoo!

negative space tattoosImage Source

6. Bird and Tree Negative Space Tattoo

This negative space tattoo with a bird and tree is creative and a little haunting…

negative space tattoosImage Source

7. Negative Space Deer Tattoo

Nature lovers would love negative space tattoos with animals, like this deer thigh tattoo!

negative space tattoosImage Source

8. Splattered Heart Tattoo

Negative space tattoos with a splatter effect give the designs a bit of an artistic flair.

negative space tattoosImage Source

9. Negative Space Cross Tattoo

Negative space tattoos with crosses and other religious elements are great options for the faithful.

negative space tattoosImage Source

10. Negative Space Skulls Tattoo

These skulls are created as a negative space splatter effect tattoo for an awesome and unique look!

negative space tattoosImage Source

11. Colorful Negative Space Camera Tattoos

A splash of color reveals a camera design in the negative space in this tattoo.

negative space tattoosImage Source

12. Negative Space Rat Tattoo

There are so many different ways to make negative space tattoos creative and unique, and this rat tattoo is a great example of this!

negative space tattoosImage Source

13. Rainbow Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo

Negative space tattoos with a rainbow of color, like this butterfly tattoo, are great feminine designs for the ladies!

negative space tattoosImage Source

14. Negative Space Semi-Colon Tattoo

Semi-colon negative space tattoos are a nice twist on this increasingly popular and normally simple tattoo design.

negative space tattoosImage Source

15. Tie Dye Hippie Peace Sign Tattoo

Tie dye colors in negative space tattoos seem perfectly fitting for negative space tattoos with peace signs or other hippie symbols!

negative space tattoosImage Source

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