15 Eye Catching Elbow Tattoo Designs

The pain of an elbow tattoo keeps all but the most passionate ink lovers from taking this plunge. Despite the pain, though, elbow tattoos are one of the most unique and interesting tattoos that a person can get. Since it’s not a commonly tattooed spot, you can be sure that not everyone and his sister will have a similar tattoo. The elbow is right on a joint and it’s one of the most unique areas of the body as well. Tattoos on the elbow will look different when the elbow is straightened or bent.

Because it’s a joint, elbow tattoos must be designed very carefully. They must look just right when the arm is extended and bent. The wrong design can end up looking strange and just plain distorted when placed on the elbow.

The following elbow tattoos don’t look a bit distorted, though! In fact, they look pretty awesome! Be sure to check them out for a little inspiration for your own elbow tattoo…

1. Spiderweb Elbow Tattoo With Wrenches

When people think of elbow tattoos, spiderwebs are usually the designs that pop into mind. However, this fun take on a spiderweb elbow tattoo also includes a couple of wrenches, making it the perfect tattoo for a gear head or grease monkey!

elbow tattooImage Source

2. Star Elbow Tattoo

Stars are also poplar elbow tattoos, most likely because they are simple designs and easy to place.

elbow tattooImage Source

3. Rose Elbow Tattoo

Flower elbow tattoos can look absolutely stunning. This rose elbow tattoo is the perfect example of this!

elbow tattooImage Source

4. Mirror Tattoo on Elbow

Mirror Tattoos are becoming quite popular these days. Here’s an interesting take on a mirror tattoo if you’re also considering an elbow tattoo!

elbow tattooImage Source

5. Elbow Squid Tattoo

A colorful squid tattoo looks pretty amazing on the elbow, doesn’t it?

elbow tattooImage Source

6. Polynesian Elbow Tattoo

Polynesian tribal tattoos are quite stunning in their own right. Inking on on the elbow, however, seems to make this Polynesian tribal design stand out even more!

elbow tattooImage Source

7. Red Lotus Flower Design on Elbow

A pretty red lotus flower tattoo is also quite pretty and eye catching on the elbow!

elbow tattooImage Source

8. Ouroboro Elbow Tattoo

Ouroboros—snakes in a circle biting their own tails—are symbols of the cycle of life, from birth to death. Although they can look pretty amazing on most parts of the body, ouroboro elbow tattoos look particularly smashing, almost as if they were created just for this part of the body!

elbow tattooImage Source

9. Flaming Elbow Rose Tattoo

Bright orange flames and a soft pink rose dont seem like they would go together, but they pair well in this sweet elbow tattoo!

elbow tattooImage Source

10. Circle of Flames Elbow Tattoo

If you want a flaming elbow tattoo, here’s another interesting idea. Instead of covering the elbow completely, this one simply circles it.

elbow tattooImage Source

11. Elbow Eyeball Tattoo

“Elbow eyeball tattoo”—say that ten times fast! Nah; on second thought, just admire the actual tattoo instead.

elbow tattooImage Source

12. Elbow Eyeball Crab Tattoo

A crab tattoo is fitting for a lot of people, particularly those born under the zodiac sign of cancer. The additional eyeball detail in this elbow tattoo is just a nice little bonus.

elbow tattooImage Source

13. Ship Steering Wheel Tattoo on Elbow

Nautical themed elbow tattoos might be just the thing for some people, like salty old sailors perhaps? If you’re looking for a nautical elbow tattoo, this ship helm design would be ore than acceptable!

elbow tattooImage Source

14. Elbow Compass Tattoo

Trying not to lose your way? Hopefully an elbow compass tattoo will keep you on the right path.

elbow tattooImage Source

15. Elbow Donut Tattoo

And, for those of us with an interesting sense of humor, we have the donut elbow tattoo. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to most people, but that’s part of the beauty of it!

elbow tattooImage Source

Before getting a tattoo on the elbow, keep in mind that elbow tattoos are very painful for most people. Chances are the tattoo design you get will be totally worth a short period of pain, though, so don’t let that stop you! You’ll also want to make sure you choose an experienced and talented tattoo for your elbow tattoos. The right artist can create a smashing elbow tattoo for you, while the wrong artist…well, you won’t want to look at what the wrong artist comes up with every day.

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