15 Awe-Inspiring Anatomical Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart tattoo designs are quite common and popular. The familiar symbol is know worldwide as a symbol of love. For some, though, a typical heart tattoo is simply too cliche, overdone, or plain. For those looking for edgier and more unique heart tattoos, there’s always the anatomical heart tattoo.

Anatomical heart tattoos are designed to be much more realistic. They often include the major arteries and veins, and some are designed with the texture of the actual heart muscles in mind. Like traditional simple heart tattoo designs, anatomical heart tattoo designs typical symbolize love and affection—just in a slightly more unique way. Anatomical heart tattoos, however, are much more original and a great fit for those who think outside the box.

If you’re thinking about getting inked with an anatomical heart tattoo yourself, check out this awesome collection first for some great inspiration!

1. Colorful Anatomical Heart Tattoo

One would imagine that a real heart would be…um, colorful, so shouldn’t an anatomical heart tattoo be colorful as well?

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

2. Stitched Anatomical Heart Tattoo

An anatomical heart tattoo with surgical stitching has an uber creepy feel to it, no?

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

3. Anatomical Heart With Veins Tattoo

Vein tattoos on a real heart tattoo add some awesome detail as well as a little bit of an ick factor! Either way, you’re sure to get a comment of two on your tattoo!

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

4. Heart Ripping Out of Chest Tattoo

One great idea for an anatomical heart tattoo is having it designed so it appears to be bursting or ripping out of your chest. You can tell people it’s just because you’re so full of love

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

5. Red Heart Tattoo

You can have your anatomical heart tattoo any color you want, but red really does seem fitting, doesn’t it?

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

6. Bloodflow Heart Tattoo

A detailed anatomical heart tattoo, complete with arteries and perceived blood flow! Now you’ll never forget which arteries pump blood out of your heart and even be able to locate them quickly. Ya know…in case the need ever arises.

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

7. Scientific Heart Tattoo

This anatomical heart tattoo looks like something right out of a textbook. Let’s just hope that your anatomy professor doesn’t suspect you of cheating after getting this inked on your arm!

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

8. Anatomical Heart Drawing Tattoo

This anatomical heart has a little more of an artsy feel too it, since it’s designed to look like a sketch. Definitely a cool effect for anatomical heart tattoos!

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

9. Framed Heart Tattoo

You can really class up an anatomical heart tattoo by putting a fancy frame around it! Well, maybe this won’t make it classy, but it’s definitely unique and interesting!

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

10. Tree and Heart Tattoo

Here’s an interesting twist on a heart tattoo with a tree incorporated into the design. It’s got an eerie, yet powerful, feel to it, and the detail is stunning!

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

11. Dark Anatomical Heart Tattoo Design

Anatomical heart tattoos are already a little dark and macabre. This design just amps up that feeling with a dark blood red and black design.

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

12. Heart and Skull With Wings Tattoo

The anatomical heart blends well with the eerie skull in this tattoo, and the majestic black wings top it off perfectly!

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

13. Fun Frog and Heart Tattoo

Anatomical heart tattoos don’t have to be all serious and macabre, though. This anatomical heart design looks fantastic with a splatter of blue in the background and cute little blue frogs perched on the heart.

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

14. Geometric Heart Design

You wouldn’t think the two designs would mesh well, but a geometric pattern makes for a fun and unusual design for an anatomical heart tattoo.

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

15. Anatomical Heart Hope Tattoo

The single word “HOPE” seems like a fitting word to go on an anatomical heart design. But, any word or short phrase that holds meaning for you would work just as well.

anatomical heart tattooImage Source

Anatomical heart tattoos can be tricky, especially for someone not familiar with internal human anatomy. Before getting permanently inked with an anatomical heart tattoo, be sure to choose the right tattoo artist. He or she should be able to show previous examples of their work as well as draw a real heart design that is accurate. Depending on how realistic you want your heart tattoo, you may even want to consult with an anatomy book or other publication that contains images of real human hearts to check for accuracy before going under the needle.

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