11 Gorgeous German Shepherd Tattoo Designs!

German shepherds are probably one of the most recognized and loved dog breed in the world. They are very loyal and make perfect best furry friends. These dogs are also one of the more intelligent dog breeds, making them excellent choices for both family pets and working dogs.

All of these reasons, German shepherds are one of the most popular breeds. They have a very loyal following, and pure German shepherd are highly coveted. Some owners love their pets so much that they choose to get German shepherd tattoos in honor of their beloved best friend. Like people, German shepherds are individuals, with their own personalities and physical features. Because of this, each German shepherd tattoo is unique. German shepherd lovers usually take a picture of their beloved friend to a tattoo artist, who will come up with a completely original German shepherd tattoos.

If you’re considering a German shepherd tattoo yourself, take a look at these tattoo designs for a little inspiration!

1. Black and White German Shepherd Tattoo

German shepherd portrait tattoos can capture the soul and personality traits of these beautiful animals.

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

2. Realistic German Shepherd Tattoo

Realistic detail in a German shepherd tattoo makes the artwork simply breathtaking!

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

3. German Shepherd Arm Tattoo

For men, a common place for German shepherd tattoos is the upper arm.

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

4. German Shepherd Chest Tattoo

The chest, particularly on on of the pectoral muscles, is also a great place to put German shepherd tattoos.

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

5. Cute New School German Shepherd Tattoo

If a realistic portrait tattoo isn’t your style, a new school tattoo artist can come up with a more fun and colorful design.

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

6. Cartoon German Shepherd Tattoo

Honor a fun loving dog with a fun and colorful cartoon German shepherd tattoo!

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

7. German Shepherd Tattoo From a Photo

A perfect example of a realistic and detailed German shepherd tattoo from a photo.

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

8. Large German Shepherd Tattoos

Larger German shepherd tattoos can accommodate much more detail!

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

9. Patriotic German Shepherd Tattoo

An American flag makes a fantastic background for this patriotic German shepherd tattoo!

german shepherd tattoo ideas 9Image Source

10. German Shepherd Memorial Tattoo

It’s heartbreaking when a pet dies, but they can always be with you with a memorial tattoo.

german shepherd tattoo ideas 10Image Source

11. Dream Catcher German Shepherd Tattoo

Incorporating other elements into German shepherd tattoos, as with this dream catcher tattoo, s a great way to add a little extra meaning and symbolism.

german shepherd tattoo design ideasImage Source

Although you’re sure to remember your best furry friend forever, no matter what happens, a German shepherd tattoo is a great way to ensure that your pup will be with you always. Hopefully, these German shepherd tattoos have given you some inspiration to come up with your own German shepherd tattoo design!

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