14 Unique Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl tattoo designs have been steadily popular designs for years. Owl tattoo meanings can vary from person to person The majority of people that opt for owl tattoos, though, choose them because the owl is generally seen as a wise animal. It is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and education.

Owl tattoos can also symbolize other things as well. Birds in general, for instance, are a symbol of freedom and independence. Since they are nocturnal, owls might also be symbolic of secrets and mystery.

If you’re on the hunt for some great owl tattoo designs, look no further! We’ve found a few amazing and unique owl tattoos to give you the inspiration that you need!

1. Watercolor Owl Tattoo

Soft colors and few lines are the trademark looks of watercolor tattoos. Watercolor owl tattoo designs are antastic options for anyone looking for a unique owl tattoo!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

2. Owl With Umbrella Tattoo

Unique owl tattoo designs are completely doable with just a little imagination. This black and purple owl tattoo design, for instance, is definitely unique and quite attractive.

owl tattoo designsImage Source

3. Staring Owl Neck Tattoo

An owl peeking out from under your shirt is definitely one of the more unique and interesting ow tattoo designs out there!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

4. Owl Ring Finger Tattoo

Looking for a ring finger tattoo? Add a cute little owl to it!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

5. Flowered Owl Tattoo

You don’t see any owl tattoo designs quite like this! The owl in this tattoo is made completely of leaves and flowers!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

6. Owl Face Tattoo Design

If whole owl tattoo designs aren’t quite your thing, check out this amazing owl face tattoo! The attention to detail in this tattoo is absolutely astounding!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

7. Celtic Owl Tattoo

Combine a Celtic knot design and an owl for an astounding and unique owl tattoo design!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

8. Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo

Can’t decide between sugar skull or owl tattoo designs? Combine the two for an awesome and unique tattoo!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

9. Black Owl Shoulder Tattoo

Dramatic black lines and shading make this awesome owl tattoo design eye catching and bold!

owl tattoo design 9Image Source

10. Owl Head Tattoo

Want to get really crazy with your owl tattoo designs? Get an owl tattoo on the back of your shaved head!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

11. Cartoon Owl Tattoo Design

A cute and colorful owl tattoo makes a wonderful addition to the skin!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

12. Wide Eyed Owl Tattoo

Aren’t those wide eyes just as cute as can be?

owl tattoo designsImage Source

13. Owl and Skull Tattoo

Hidden skulls in owl tattoo designs make them that much more dark and enigmatic.

owl tattoo designsImage Source

14. Colorful Owl Chest Tattoo

If you’re on the hunt for a large and colorful owl tattoo, this chest tattoo might be just the thing!

owl tattoo designsImage Source

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